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It's always love. It is all those things and either particularly familiar with this style thing. I think it actually helps. If people know that. I don't always get it right. You know because i'm i'm an imperfect human the same as everybody else and you know. Sometimes i misjudged isn't it. Yeah exactly that and also again. that's another reliability. Because of in their own careers potentially looked perfect to the outside world. Know inside that they are getting things wrong all the time and so they want to. Everyone else is getting not not too much because of with but just just enough exactly just enough yet but it was. A lovely story is absolutely wonderful. Speaking human very very much for joining the story an Podcast thank you very much. For advising in lovely of course book before we get to what i would really like to do. A only show listens. Would like as if you could tell them. Maybe a little bit about one or two of the packages that you are foreign how you can help people and also if they would like those packages just to say hello and get to know you Where they can find you. Thank you yes. Luckily to have the opportunity society. Thank you very much for that. I offer two main packages one and the based on time. Really one where i work with. this old one-to-one lady one over a year and basically i organized her entire wardrobe and all the outfit she needs for not for every day but for every day that that she needs something in particular for right the way through the but we do all the normal stuff like saltillo style style. Shake tyler all of that we do. That's at the beginning. But basically unmanaged her wardrobe and shop for her and for outfits together for her forever she needs for the whole year And then the second one is as sort of a truncated version. That's all worked over three months and Again to the stuff to equip path to go and work on her own after we finish working together. four for the three months and i deliberately chosen to work with people have repaired time. A lot of stylists will just offer one of service gives you the information. Send you on your way. And i did do that to start with. But i didn't find the most. We can take on three bits of information at any one time to throw a whole load of information at somebody and expect them to go and put it into practice. I found that people weren't able to do that. So i actually prefer to work with people and coach them through that process in equip them so then be able to do the same things for themselves after we finish working together so those are the two packages the main was. I do the main place that i hang out on the you will find these unlinked tin. I'm on linked to in regularly. Spend a lot. My days that conversing with people and posting engaging and then of my websites and the i'm the same in both places so as www dot tracy jane who dot com and just jane hooper on linked in. If you're gonna put it somewhere with the show 'cause it's not straightforward name but not straightforward spelling..

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