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And inspirations from the creative industry from film to production to music to culture join us each week as we push the envelope on the possibilities of the creative industries your host for this week are your main man in two thousand grand beam. O'brien what's up baby. How we doing it is your boy. Thomas aka thomas. The great aka titus a man pacman mr backpack pay my debts ten respects to pay for the silent partner. They have also today who got jaycoe happy to be here today. Fall into arenas fucking love. It's so good to see ya. you didn't. It was good to hang out with all this weekend right. We actually did some real life hagen. We shut off might shot at each other. He's actually for france. I was solidly lasting picked. Last name was on a different team and everything talking about yo ass to walk by more african time of you call africa times. You could call it that but we just laughing at you. 'cause like you don't have time man look at it. After should showed up to the to. The matt was african. Time i was. I came in our thirty minutes our hours out at a certain point. I knew i wasn't going to make. It was like wish it was a low now. She wants one. I appreciate appreciate your opponent of your boy's birthday okay. Thirty to thirty three years old man. What's up how you doing man with the with the color homey in the building color university. Shutout mitch here one brother. Yeah air down. We you know what time it is time for the word of the day that day day today. Where today is brought to you by the dictionary app. This is our attempt to expand your lexicon to At abundance to your verbiage to do something to addiction. I don't drop a couple words. See what happens for going to of the day is a palaver. Palaver palaver. Okay okay now. Until means a profuse in idle talk.

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