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All right. So riddle me this participants in this corona virus economy you still can't go to concerts right. So what do you do to get your live music fix? Well, millions of people literally, millions are turning to something called versus. A livestream on instagram and apple music that pits to music icons against each other in live performances of their songs. Marketplace's Merrill Cigar got the fun assignment today. So the way this works, it's kind of like the artists are doing karaoke to their own music and each other's and these are called battles but they're more like love fests like here's DM experts Snoop Dogg. This is. Song. But snoop was standing he's bouncing. He's rapping along there've been a bunch of these t pain versus Littlejohn Brandy Verses Monica. Sure I'm brandy. This battle got one point two, million simultaneous views on instagram more than a million people tweeted about it, and afterwards, they had twenty two million streams in the US and they were up overall. I would say probably about three, hundred, four, hundred percent, they own the entire army chart on albums and songs. Larry Jackson is global creative director at Apple Music which is partnered with versus he says, Snoop's album also climbed charts. He thinks versus could be around for a long time. Concerts won't be returning for at least a year. So I think all circumstances of setting it up for this to be. A long running concept. Maybe one reason these battles have been so successful is that they're coming at a time when we really need them Tammy Colonel Teaches, musicology at Miami University in Ohio they have been moments in which people have been able to transcend what has been tragedy I and and find a way to coat when we have physically been cut off in particular the black community the idea came from two black producers Timbaland and Swiss beats. It highlights black artists. It's a celebration of black culture and.

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