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Addiction problems and stuff that was pretty nice all your work on that appreciate now all this talk about Trump and Putin and all this all these interesting things and how he's not a statesman doesn't speak like. A statesman which is all true. And everything else the reason why the guy got elected, is, because, so many of the things that he is. Saying, are true The reason why he's arguing so much. Is because ever since. Bush won the election against. Gore every time the Republicans win election the other side says it's, still legitimate and that's what he's putting up the fight over and I don't know, why doing that but the whole suggestion. This deal with Putin this stuff this is gone to a whole new we haven't been in this much danger With Russia Sosa Cuban, missile crisis we've actually, killed soldiers. And Russia's soldiers in Syria we got. Serious issues going on you've got Obama Talking is. In South Africa On? The, birthday of of Mandela yeah But talking about how politicians, I've always lied and this and that. But then they get caught and stuff and then he talks about this is a whole new level and all this stuff and talking about he's basically calling Trump out without mentioning his name when we snuck unbelievable amounts of different currencies to, Iran in the middle of the night the biggest state sponsorship of terrorism and then higher in the entire history. Of the world and the big deal is he then you talk about the deal at the border with the? Kids Being separated from their families Tubman I'm. Gonna I'm gonna focus. Your big that's a broad sweep? We're. Going, across your way what exactly yeah Get to the point what's incredible what's incredible is is all these? Stories, when you. Look at. You look at three different news cash and you're in three different ulcer. University yes you are that's, true that is that is that to me is? The story of the day and the real question is? Is something about psychologically that makes us that way is it something about the leader's that make that way or? Is it something about the news media. That renders us that way that people are whipped into these states I'm gonna put it on our psychology 'cause. I predicted, this years. Ago, and the news media is expected to go quite this way, with, the, media, thank, you, Lawrence. Von Yup we gotta we're gonna take your calls at eight hundred two two two. Five two two two and of course we have. Mark Tate coming up in the next after the. Break and we have, Tim Draper in the next hour he was the venture capital investor? Behind Cal, three and the question is, could this. Get yanked from the ballot. In this lawsuit that's. Underway and again we'll be talking? About. The MGM. Liability in the Las Vegas shooting and why it. Would be that they, would have no liability that's give me an interesting assessment by Mr.? Tape Florence, von Dr drew midday live KABC news. Live and local at, one thirty I'm Jeff whittle facing an avalanche of bipartisan criticism for his performance at a summit alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin President. Trump claimed today that he misspoke when he said yesterday he didn't see any reason why Russia would interfere in our two thousand sixteen presidential election. And a key sentence in my remarks I. Said. The word would instead of wouldn't Should have been I don't see any. Reason why I wouldn't, wouldn't be rushing so Kester repeated I said the word would instead of what Trump also stated that he believes America's intelligence agencies. Which determined that Russia interfered in the election Let me be totally clear and saying that and I've said this many times I accept our intelligence communities conclusion that Russia's meddling in the two thousand sixteen election to replace other people also Trump. Is now meeting with congressional Republicans to discuss the controversy over yesterday's remarks a federal judge today lifted his previous order requiring the Los Angeles Times to, remove information.

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