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This Ted Talk Features Entrepreneur and justice reform advocate Marcus bullock recorded live at Ted Salon Trailblazers Twenty nine eighteen high that it's Chris Anderson host of the Ted Interview podcast on next episode neuroscientists and you'll see it only has the meaning that it has because it impacts and is manifest through conscious experiences that exist for somebody for something subscribe to the Ted Interview on Apple Podcasts spotify or wherever you listen one evening after watching the nightly news with my then five year old son he me a question I thought I would have a ton of time to answer I thought the complicated questions typically came eight or nine years old us on look me in the is talking him in and with a very straight face he asks me daddy why would you go to jail my wife and I often thought about this moment we knew this question was coming and we wanted to handle it well but that night I had a question to answer so I decided to tell my son how I ended up going to prison when I was just a fifteen year old kid a friend of mine and I we approach demand sleeping in his car.

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