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We go east to Pittsburgh. Where the Steelers coming off the wind Monday night taking on the Broncos, who lost Monday night. So a short work week for both and checking in from Pittsburgh is Jeff Hathorn. Jeff. Good afternoon. Welcome back. Yeah. Good afternoon. I am in a normal Big tailgating area outside of Heinz Field, and I want you to hear what is going on right here. Might as well be crickets. There are actual cricket that are that are happening right here. This is so bizarre, and I know this happened at other stadium. But There's nobody here and were getting ready for a big, hefty matchup. You know for the Denver Broncos. I imagine that that they've got to be feeling a little sick about missing an opportunity with Tennessee. They had offered. They let time run off the clock. Obviously, with Vic Fangio. They're going to be fired up and they know that they can also start. Oh, into get this season going out West. Where they're going to look to attack is the right side of that dealer offensive line there down to a third stringer at right guard. Heaven dot came from a small school was 1/4 Round Pick rookie never played in the NFL, but a couple of snaps against the Giants and then a backup right tackle into core for who's filling in for Zach Banner, who had won the job. In training camp and then got hurt at the end of the Giants game. That right side is very raw, though. What is Vic Banjo? Gonna drop to bring pressure? What kind of stunt is he going to bring on the right side of that offensive line against the Steelers and Ben Roethlisberger? Then I think the other key for Denver is they've got to get Melvin Gordon going. They need to establish a running game because if they don't And the Steelers, Khun, you know, pin their ears back with Bud Dupri and T. J Watt and make a Fitzpatrick. It could be a long day for Denver. Even with the weapons they have, but they get that running game going And they could get a little protection. There are some big time players Young, albeit for the Denver Broncos for the Steelers. They've got to figure out who they're running back is James Connor was hurt, and he's now rushed for 100 yards. Connor came back full and practice this week. We'll see how they distribute that carries and get a running game going. Then defensively, the Steelers did have a little issue of getting off the field on third down, but otherwise I'm sure they feel pretty good about where their defense is. The best defense is they've had in a few decades. Yes, and they did certainly make adjustments against the Giants. And again, you have a Denver Broncos offensive line. That's a little suspect because of injuring opt out so Two teams coming off the short work week. As you mentioned the big news as Faras the running game, James Connor will play, but Penny still has the you know who is coming off a big big game on Monday night, and, of course, Fangio acknowledging Thie timeout or not calling a time out that he had in the closing seconds and the Broncos falling 16 14. Assuming that the weather in Pittsburgh is okay to Vegas in the Northeast. It's been pretty nice isn't football weather? Indeed, Jeff? Oh, it's beautiful. There's not a cloud in the sky, and it's about 61 degrees. Which is just perfect for these guys. Maybe then other than losing a ball in the sun, which doesn't happen much in Pittsburgh. But other than that, there's no weather excuses here today. It's just a shame that Can't put 65,000 in the stadium to watch it. Absolutely. I think we're all missing. That assumes that day comes when everybody's allowed back in to full capacity. There have been some fans at some games, but it just doesn't feel quite right. It almost feels like the fourth quarter of a blowout when you see that, but that's going to be especially in Pittsburgh with a fan base has been so good for so long. And rightly so. Anybody any surprises so far that that may have popped up on the inactives. No surprises, although last week might come and made a mistake, he deactivated one more player than he had to. They got that number right this week, and he activated the rookie running back by Anthony McFarland out of Maryland. He's he's a quick player. He's a change of pace players from maybe He gets into the offense in certain packages. But other than that, no surprises and then I know You know, Running back Death is an issue for Denver because One of their keys is sitting out, so it's going to be on Melvin Gordon, but no other really surprises with the inactive. Philip Lindsay out 2 to 4 Weeks was likely with turf toe, so we'll see is better office burgers returned last week was a success Should be a good one. Today. We'll touch base shortly after kickoff, Jeff, Thanks for checking in. All right. Thank you. Ride the great Jeff Hawthorne at Heinz Field, Very empty Heinz field and great little great atmosphere. Even if there is no atmosphere, you certainly get Ah, feeling of what it's like there, and certainly an adjustment for the fans in Pittsburgh and everyone at this time, Let's head Saying in the Keystone State we head to Philadelphia, the Eagles blue the 17 Nothing lead last week and lost in Washington home today for the Rams, and checking in is Michaela Wango. Michael. Good afternoon. Can I get that any use to you meant, of course, that the 17 nothing lost lead when on the 27 17 lost. To Washington on the road again that stay in the goal very well for Carson went to the Eagles offense than a late first happened. Reception that kind of turned the tables and turn things around for Washington. With the 27th street unanswered points and what under that big when they offenses struggle from that point forward, one criticism the Doug Peterson in that contest without having maybe Carson went maybe, or out of the pocket more to try and get some offense going, and maybe some of the questions causes for another fourth and down. Fourth down. Conversion didn't go 10 out as well. And so number of things that happened that this did not go well for Philadelphia in the first in that week, one loss, particularly a lot of injuries in the offensive. Why, but they come back healthy this year come back healthy in week Number two, They survived eight sex. At the Carson once it was left unprotected and making make people wonder if he would. Carson was going to survive on only the season. But maybe the game itself, so see if the Eagles could get that turned around them. People coming back healthy this week Lane Johnson and mentioned before Myles Garrett as well with the money back as well. So hopefully some better place about more personnel. They can't. I'm being right. The ship we'll need to do so against the Ramsdefense played havoc. Particularly Aaron Donald in their week one with a Dallas so hopefully it wasn't going to get the ship level needs so because they've had a series of situations really start off week. In their opening seasons and opening opening game seasons and at the plate catch up into place..

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