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Out and that's your only way out of this financial trouble and tonight at midnight you'll no longer be a partner we need you to turn your keys as of tomorrow and he looks at him and he's overheard saying the next time you take these keys it will be out of the pocket of a dead man god and that night he closes up the the mill is always phone and he locked himself in the in the building and and he had no intention to leave and the next morning the work bell doesn't ring and so they make their way to the mill and say what's going on it's locked they can't get inside finally they break a window and they find taylor walker and a bloody mess on the floor he had taken his own life and trudeau's word the keys are still in his pockets it turns out it wasn't the only suicide another employee hanged himself a few years later and by eighteen fifty the mill had closed but they would report hearing that bell ring at midnight over and over the tolling of the work bell and then they would remove the rope and the bellwood still ring and so after eighteen fifty the building shuts down it's closed in the freaky est story added heard from from back then now these aren't monitored stories these are old ones the workers came in one day to find the water wheel spinning in the wrong direction against the flow of water he hung around and even after the building burned in eighteen seventy it's still had the reputation people still talked about it and to the point where it made the census into the state people still report even though the buildings all gone you can just see stone foundations now the buildings gone the bells long gone but people still hear it and people still see some man walking by with a lantern in the woods we're gonna come back in a moment with jeff belanger we're gonna talk about more of these incredible stories then we'll get into the nightmare encyclopedia your darkest dreams interpreted and the next hour of course it'll be your turn interactive to share stories with us or ask jeff a question when we opened up the phone lines on coast to coast am daily show updates right to your inbox for free with the coast zone newsletter sign up today coast to coast am dot com fox news.

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