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CanNot believe. It's been seven years right for the current iteration of this show. where all three of us have been together and doing a billion shows and just having fun I mean good times bad times, everything in between and having an unbelievable amount of success. Thanks to you. Just to be able to do this, every single day is a pleasure. So what I thought we'd do is go through our our seven best, and maybe one worst moment of the show in these I, seven years and I asked everybody last night I was like put together list as put together list of your seven favorite moments. Then all you gotta do is just have one worse moment and I'm sure you have more worst moments to choose from than just one. But I'M GONNA. Start off here. Okay. I'll go first, and then we'll just go go around between everybody I am sorry for being late to the beginning of this. It's fine. I thought maybe you just. You didn't have any good moments. Didn't have to pay and I was looking in the mirror. It's like. You can do this talkers. Pride, I see our. No, I, WanNa, say kicking it off as like. Congratulations and thank you to both of you for doing this together. Well, thanks, thanks everybody a heck of a ride and. We're doing what we love as I'm doing what I love and I'm happy to be doing this with both of you. Cheers to you as well. As your way, or should we? Haven't been tired handled next to me on Kurt. This is the two genders have been telling about which thank you to everybody who's listened? Almost not available total wine. If you're going to buy it out by me. Bottle. Cheers! Cheers, everybody, seven more years. Maybe wow seven years down. Do, they sign that ahead of time seven years. Hey, that's good. What's that called again? Two genders baby to gingers whiskey. That's good. That's a good way to celebrate seventy years on this show, seventy or success, seven years of of mopping the floor with the competition at seven years of having fun and having a whole bunch of drama in between so I'll start real quick and I wanted to start out with my. Favorite thing from the history of this show, we'll just fly around and everybody say whatever's on their mind number seven for me was at the very beginning of the show. I think we couldn't have been more than two or three months in. Moment number seven was when Chris Campfire busted into the studio. Gosh, that was a good one to tell us that we jumping up and down that we hit number one in the ratings. Just three months in I think maybe even less than that could've been quicker than that, but the the show had Ben seventh-place eight plays whatever it was, and then we started and very quickly. We're able to take the show to number one in the ratings and he like cut garage chance. So excited. I would just like a regular show and I. Remember in the middle of I was like yeah. I was in the control room at that point and I could feel like the. Something was like an unusual. Either here sealing jamming out on the guitar or Sean with vocal warm ups when I looked up, Mike Ken Myers jumping. He looks excited. What's happening callback? And then we did the impossible good God. Yeah, number one. That was a great one. What's number seven for us to bring another seven, and if you could turn my hang up? Go ahead. Number Seven And really they have no. Ranking was supposed to do a top seven Lisburn. Things I didn't mind either. Down and I have sub categories. But I will start with. The first thing that comes to mind because we talked to him recently I. Love Moses Dewitt He has been here since day one as dealt with the very last minute I mean by the hour and or minute calls to be like hey, can. Sponsors and this real quick. But on top of it the took us under wing as friends who went to hope town with him. Last he's a good person. And I appreciate the friendship that has come out of it. For him being part of the show and the success of this ship, how about UCLA number seven I mean I guess if I have to rank them I could push this one down to the bottom because this is sort of A. Is Not going to sound like one of the best moments, but I think for me just fascinating. I was a big fan in highschool of Pablo Francisco. And I was like where we landed him for the interview I was like Oh. That's super cool, a big fan of him and he's a big fan of cocaine. Allegedly allegedly how that works and Then! As I grew up I. Still you know. He was coming to town and it's thinking. Oh, man, how cool would it be to tell highschool me that you're going to be on the radio? Interviewing that Guy Window world and Dan. We talked to him and his seven different. In one minute absolutely out of control and that's one best of that. I've never ever played. Number six for me was the battle with bill cosby that was so surreal that whole thing. Yeah, when Bill Cosby was starting to gain heat, and we kind of picked a fight with them and became a big news story radio station in Florida offers one thousand dollars for a protester. Comedy show and and Bill Cosby did an interview beforehand where they asked him about it, and he called us. They're just a bunch of Frat Bros over. There is opening monologue at the center. Oh, you did then, too, but they did. There was an interview with him before where he was like that that station that that show. It's just a bunch of Frat Bros.. So that has been the name of our group text ever since that moment. I thought that was pretty cool. It's your number. Six Supreme I would have to say Jasmine try devil and the entire debacle of that. The beginning of where we were, but think given a reddit post, or maybe the youtube video in which it was started with Chris Angel Session with it but then she comes out with the announcement that she has gotten the surgery done in which three boobs had been implanted. We get her on the air. Time passes you to get into fight via social media Moran. You put her phone number up her phone number up You guys fight back and forth you started receiving a lot of penis picture I got a lot of dawn photos because how you shaped it on social media is like this tried levels number. have she shaped like I got a new number. Tell all my kinky daddy's out there. Send me their depicts, and there was fast forward even more convinced to go to just okay if she could slap. Slap you three times. Video recently found still available already, but not say for radio, and then I saw her at a kink.

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