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He's the franchise's gone jonathan lucroy is probably getting measured as we speak for his new texas rangers jerseys and orlando our senior called up surprisingly if into a lot offense from colorado springs and not only called up but he's gonna start tonight yeah will they're not going to call him up just haven't set so there with if they were going to make that move and i think i also want to give him an extra month of playing time as well because don't forget that the minor league baseball season ends a month prior to the major league baseball season ending so as craig counsell so just couple minutes ago here on wtmj it's time and you can't keep him down to the minor leagues for much longer did have a great season offensively but he's going to make some plays fell just you know make your eyes bug out here head he's supposed to be the real deal but that you know whenever you get the prospects coming up from minor leagues to the major leagues that there is someone that learning curve and a virtue there are no guarantees and he gives it is certain fan base something to look forward to lucroy is gone it's a on ryan brought still here i get that but you know you've got are seeded oc that at the ballpark than what happens to celebrate the rangers picked up now in doubt but sometimes as part of the deal i don't believe that that was the case in this him in this instance but sometimes the brewers will take on some of that salary two incentive eyes the next team who's going to be taking on that player whether it's jonathan lucroy or anybody else i don't believe that was the case in this and at this time because it wasn't reported in and what about our sierra i mean coming up from night from the myers into the into the big game because of that race on us it's a nice rising in a much better much better caused him spread their boss yeah i would assume it was that we see any of us and maybe just of the airport beck they'll commercial flight slowes are a thing of the past even the eva batting practice balls are why.

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