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Have recovered from Corona virus to donate blood plasma when he was interrupted. If you had been infected, then you group of demonstrators call the governor a liar, saying he's not telling the truth about the safety of reopening schools. Governor was speaking at one blood in Orlando. The Florida Education Association is leading a host of agencies and individuals in a lawsuit against the state's emergency order that says all brick and mortar schools have to open on time and with a full range of services. The FDA president Federic Ingram says the orders reckless and unconstitutional and decisions should be left up to local superintendents and school boards. Stephanie Beth Miller is one of the plaintiffs and she's from Broward County and a recovering cove in 19 patients. I, of course, want to go back to teaching, but it needs to be a say. There's no way that Children could sit in their seat for six hours wearing a mask and not Feel the The stress of the situation. One of the lead attorneys in the suit, Kendall Coffey, says the state's order is not based on solid evidence and ignore CDC guidelines. Florida continues to have the most new cases of covert 19 in the country. There were 10,300 new cases of infections with 90 deaths. Latino population across the state is getting especially hard hit by Corona virus. The Centers for Disease Control reports 17% of the cove in 19 related deaths in the U. S. Are Latinos. Group accounts for 20 to 25% of Hillsborough County's entire population. Tampa General Hospital doctor L. Marie's Perez Cologne, tells news Channel eight she sees more Latinos in the I C U than any other ethnicity. We have collected that up from about 3000 patients that are called it confirmed in the hospital county. And 38% of those stations are actually in fact, let alone says Latinos make of a large segment of essential workers and live in multi generational households, making it difficult to quarantine. A thunderstorm nearly killed a beachgoer in Sarasota County. After spending the afternoon on siesta Key Texas family saw the storm coming and packed up their gear while walking back to their car. A 14 year old was hit by lightning. You know, we were all on the ground and.

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