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At the mealey's furniture jam cam we're moving along some heavy traffic off of broad street west and then slow at the schuylkill expressway schuylkill is where you're going to see some bright sun in your eyes starting in the king of prussia area that you will too on ramp slow jam jan released a gulf mills down to the contracting curve than the boulevard down to girard avenue again p prepare for bright sun and then solve on rosa boulevard some slow going through the eastbound schuylkill expressway western the schuylkill also now jam paschall gavin ooh to south three picks up then jambo oh our to pass belmont avenue outta temple of what extension usual heavy going from fox street south right on down to the schuylkill expressway pa turnpike the eastbound direction where westbound direction rather we've got some problems up ahead word now jammed approaching two west of the villa will grosvenor changes west of the will of grevena change and accident up ahead in the left lane that's westbound heading towards the fort washington interchange another again an accident police still arriving onto the scene the get past this point still slow out to four washington get off the turnpike admit county sloth southam mechanics holes generally down to the schuylkill rivers that is not that terrible it delays in delaware county on the blue route four seventy six northbound generally north of mcveigh boulevard up to route one and delays remain south of 95 from the northeast again cop into center city west of the vine expressway it's pretty much river to river this morning at our share problems in lower merion this morning with an accident city and win would avenue they clearly it but the traffic lights got knocked out and the lights are not working so always stop at the intersection check new jersey it's busy north 42 freeway jammed blackwood clemens to 295 55 is jan we're slow on the downside of the ben franklin bridge and the center city septa rail averaging 10minute.

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