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I'm sitting pretty at this point but for the past few years i've had terrible credit and it was very difficult to get a cell phone and things like that well if i'd lived in communist china i might not have been able to travel with the past couple years i might not be able to travel for the rest of my life because of that this is what's going on and it's it's a little scary it's a little scary to think about this i want to move on from that i do have some other news about china it's interesting that it just so happened that trying to try to implement that social structure it's really class discrimination right it's kind of a new form of it if you have bad credit then you're discriminated against on a government to level well trump has decided this week to discriminate against china because of stolen intellectual property trump imposes sixty billion dollars in tariffs on chinese imports calls how beijing on intellectual property theft and it's about time in my opinion delivering delivering delivering that's what trump's doing now i'm gonna change that tune in few minutes when we start talking about this omnibus spending this just happened but nevertheless trump this week came out and said that the era of economical discrimination from other countries on america is over and i applaud him for this us president donald trump has announced a sixty billion dollar package of terrorists against china according to the white house the move is aimed at curbing theft of intellectual property which has been going on for decades trump has signed a section three oh one trade action with china that could be about sixty billion dollars tariffs unbelievable he said adding that he asked china to reduce trade surplus immediately by one hundred billion dollars and we have a major trade deficit i mean we're talking eight hundred billion dollar trade deficit at the very least it's somewhere between three hundred.

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