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George specifics specifics. The specifics like you're trying to ask me to write all right specific words that I like that we've rattled you like we've told rattled you today. It doesn't take much. That piazza in his book. Said that Vince. Gully was crushing him. Because Vince said Hey I when he was trying to get his contract done with the dodgers he put on February fifteenth deadline and Vin. Scully was telling them like. Hey what are you doing with his self imposed deadline? And what are you GONNA do? And the way that he put in the book was the way the whole contract drama looked to them. Many of whom were taking their view from. Scully was that by setting a deadline insisting on so much money. I was demonstrating conspicuous. Lack of loyalty to the ballclub. Vince Gully was crushing me. Why how bad you say anything bad about. Vin was taken him out by the news. No he was just saying what? Are You doing why you go? What is going on with your look. I love Vince. Gully and do we know he's okay now from the fall like what was it. Seemed like he was okay. Right good yes and I know we all love Vin scully. But look there's a rule right. They'll be talking about another man's money man. You know what I'm saying. He was loyal to the ball club. Used my Kbia was not and if I remember correctly they offered him like a one hundred million dollar contract when one hundred million dollars was a gigantic amount of money listens to Liz. I know Vin scully. Just like the next guy. Okay he was the soundtrack to baseball as I was growing up. He was calling the world series. When I was a kid. Okay I was. I didn't live here but I knew I listened to him every year. Call the world series when he was doing it. So here's the thing and I'm gonNA open up the phones right now. Eight seven seven seven ten. Espn as much as you love in. Scully is it still not cool to be talking about another man's money. There's nothing that Vince. Gully can say Moro. I know you love Vin scully. I know you're a dodger fan. I it is it okay to talk about another person's money like that now. My money's my money in your mouth. I love in but I got hot. Take Shiloh George. I Love Van. But you can't be talking about other people's money man like you know what? I'm saying he wasn't saying like oh. You don't deserve this amount of money or that you all you're saying is hey. What are you doing with this ultimatum and February fifteenth deadline? It was nothing to do with the money. It's still it's still about money. It's about the contract wasn't it was about the contract saying are you loyal to the dodgers or worried about your money. Let's go to Gelato drew to help. Settle this go ahead. July drew drew Bergman here those fighting words or fighting Atkins when you were in about another man's money his bread his Lupu. Yeah yeah had chicken as Marshawn Lynch you know and I love but no you do not do that to another man. At all the time there was no social media. Then so people were like Piazza's right. They were getting most of their input from Vince. So Bergman dead wrong but he can use ramp to can you tell. Can you tell Bergman? He's taking now. He told Berkman King of that statement. That's a good drop right. They're eligible run back later. Bergman by Gillette or droop today just not my day or week or whatever you WANNA call it at this point. I'm not. I'm not going against Vince Gully. I don't care what any saying you have to go against him. I mean the man is a saint but it doesn't mean that everybody is infallible. Like occasionally you can do something that like. You're like okay. I don't agree with it. let's go to Ted and Fullerton. Ted How are you doing all right? Yeah I don't think it's bad for visual artists as on my talk about it. Yeah what's he doing? He's been laws team to the team. I get it but would you be cool if someone at your job. Blake was talking about your finances. I don't think that's cool. Well those under contract baby. I'm not under a contract. You know already okay. But what if what if what if you are the best employees at your job which he was at that time and someone who ate? Your boss is telling you a man. Why do you want to raise? We should all get raises. Then and you and your response can be one producing more than everyone right like. Why are you? That's not a cool conversation to have look at it that way but it was like that though. I mean he was asking him why he had a deadline on on his contract. I would have given on your contract Mica because sometimes you got to play hard ball with the man. You can't let the man keep you down. That's what they said in a movie. House.

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