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They're just a temporary bandaid to make people feel better for a temporary period of time wire and people told this why don't people know what is an everyone know that they don't have to have heart attacks they don't have to have strokes that these diseases are reversible raila relatively easily ronnie was set free and jodi from nearby here right north carolina jodie suffered with psoriasis for many years but the time with actually she suffered from seoul reodica arthritis which is like a mixture of psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis couldn't involves itchy rash over your whole body plus joint pains but a time joe he was fifty years old she had the rash over her whole body including in itchy rash insider ears from head to toe and she was on multiple medications cling pregnancy own and platinum method trek say to try to suppress their autoimmune conditions autoimmune diseases like this affect 24 million americans the most prevalent one is psoriasis which affects more than seven and a half million americans job he's been well for the last 12 years she doesn't have suryadi could write us anymore shouldn't have psoriasis anymore her skin is clear for the time she first got diagnosed with psoriasis when she was a teenager soon after she got diagnosed with lupus shogren syndrome and eventually the joint pain of surrey idigov rightous after lying and if the being in pain for more than twenty five years being on medications that hardly gave her any relief she found out how she could finally get well and she did.

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