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Avanti dot com that's IVA and TI dot com. Four 38. Traffic and weather on the 8s back to Dave in the traffic center. All right, it's a gloomy day and unfortunately there is a large police response near cabin John that will very likely have an impact on traffic in this part of Montgomery county for the rest of the afternoon. And it's focused on the one lane Macarthur boulevard union arch bridge. That bridge and that portion of Macarthur boulevard is firmly closed, but also and related to this, underneath the aqueduct bridge, the cabin John Parkway is also closed for safety. And that is leading to long delays outbound on the Clara Barton Parkway, drivers are not able to exit onto the cabin John Parkway and are squeezing onto the Macarthur boulevard access road at cabin John instead, a very narrow confined ramp. In addition to but unrelated to this closure, between Glen echo and brookmont, there is a separate closure of Macarthur boulevard for utility damage and repairs between while haunting road and Maryland avenue that stretch and Macarthur boulevard is also close. So there will be some work around on roads that are open like Goldsboro and river road and Massachusetts avenue the longer this goes on. On the interloop of the beltway, it is routine volume delays through Montgomery county, but it is slowest in prince Georgia's county, southbound on the ITER loop through landover at a rate of drive the crash response is blocking the left lane. D.C. two 95 northbound jammed badly burned car before benning road right side block, but this is leading to outbound traffic jams on the Whitney young susa and 11th street bridges to go north on D.C. route two 95. In the fight against COVID-19, you've got options Virginia with new boosters and treatments for anyone feeling sick, go to VTH dot Virginia dot gov slash coronavirus. I'm Dave dildine WTO traffic. Let's get you updated on that forecast now. Storm team four is Mike stenner. A rather active weather map across the region right now while watching a warm front pushing off to the north as it does. We're going to see some showers and drizzle

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