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That's the only reason just because he knows there's been pending indictments coming needs to pay for his legal defense, including the, you know, Trump organization. Hello? Yeah. I don't know, it would be interesting to see if he did run again and got the nomination, if you know, the intelligence community and other people would open up more about the Russia Connections in the mob connections, and all that stuff. I'd like to think so. But who knows? Well Greg it has been a pleasure. I want to thank you so much for being here today. Is there anything you want to plug? I can't believe the two. Two hours. It flew by John. Thank you so much for having me off. I swear I know. I know, I know I was a little, I had my coffee so I was good. Yeah, you know, I have a, a sub stack called Prevail, which you can get to. It's just Greg Olio page will take you there in a sub stack Subs, stack is basically a platform for publishing a thing. It's a column that I write three times a week on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. I write the column their home every Friday. Now, I have my own podcast where I talked to, you know, some interesting person about something going on with all this stuff, National Security, organized, crime, whatever those kind of things. That's all. That's called Prevail with Gregg Rolie, our please go and subscribe to that and download the episodes Don't Cost nothing and that would be a great Boon to me. And those are the two things I have to plug off. And I should plug lincolnsbible her podcast again is called the world beneath and it's really, it's really good. It's it's fantastic. All right, thanks so much Greg. Thanks for coming on. Yeah, thanks for having me to always a pleasure. All right buddy. Take care man. All right, the great Gregg Rolie are on the show today, what a pleasure, I have a lot of great guests that are coming up. I have, let's see. Dr. Jack Brown is going to go. I'm going to play him some of the fox and see pack stuff so he can identify all the lies and all the body language. That is a tell that they align. He's coming on this week. I have farron cousins coming on from Ring of Fire. I also have Alonzo bodden will be on my beer on the balcony and that is going to be on July 19th. I will have one before that but Alonzo bodden is coming.

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