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Need to play grinded out and do we need to do as a team. And as a result, Toronto, put itself one win away from championship. ESPN's Mark Schwartz. The Toronto Raptors had done the unthinkable Wyan company just thank wish the mighty warriors twice at oracle in despite of Phil. Hello. Stunningly, stoic. You know, that doesn't mean anything goes someone has. We do nothing. His focus on us. You wanted to possess. Lowry has been in Toronto long enough to remember when the front ties words, emotions for all candidates to see, like, when president messiah Jiri screwed up the masses with a rousing rendition. How would the pre two y rafters have handled to monster road wins over the two time defending champs? Maybe a smaller now we're just been like this all year. You don't do anything as league unless you when it's with knowing that we have an accomplished. Anything comes with appropriate. Fear of knowing with teams capable of and the raptors do find themselves. Dreaming about how it might feel to hoist that trophy. We may wanna listen to a cautionary tale for man. Trying to bring them down. Also the other side three while losing I don't know if the routers feeling this, but you very coffin it all you gotta do win one. I think they know there's work to be done. That's hopefully understand that we're gonna see tomorrow night. Toronto one win away from its first championship earlier on ESPN radio. Josh Evelyn from hoop magazine. Obviously, it's not the most mind blowing.

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