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The wind by Carlos res the front the phone sorry only child by Rianne navene. Off the clock by Laura Vander. Hey, its own method got a nine. Of I don't think anyone got attention. Thanks bye. Fair town by Frederick Bachmann Queen of hearts by Camry. Martin the things we were promised Baluchi tan being mortal by a tool Juande and the great alone by Kristen henna. So that was those were my favorite books, certainly like the top twenty five percent of the books that I read this year. And I love them all enough to give them Lisa nine. So there you go good list of a couple in. There haven't read that I've have on my list so have to get through them possibly not in the rest of December. My twenty nine hundred you saw one movie and bidders. I saw one movie I saw crazy rich, Asians, and I loved it. And I do think it's possible. We'll be able to see a star is born. If it doesn't come out of theaters if it's not all ready by the end of the year. Maybe we'll find it in like a budget theater somewhere. But you watch some more TV which is also possible to do. All nursing, right. Yes. Well, I didn't I was mostly reading. But like, Josh. And I have our shows that we watch and I would say my favorite thing. I watched all year. It was one of my loves of the week gorgeous ladies of wrestling season. Two also known as glow or very good show. I I saw a picture for that. I'm like, oh, my Lord. I highly recommend and we saw one concert father, John misty. And that was great to know. That sounds that sounds really awesome. Let's see I've been done. So. Yeah. Reading wasn't as great as the other. But I did keep up with my running street, which is been fun him. We're no almost we'll in this era is probably it'll be at two years that is amazing. Sang with my choir, which I quite enjoyed getting sort of back into the swing of things with singing, I enjoyed writing my a novel during national novel writing month, which is November the that setup is that you write a fifty thousand word novel in the thirty days of November the idea being that you just crank it out a lot of people say like I haven't I wanna ride. I wanna write this novel someday will how about this day. All right like bitches this month, and the it's so crazy to write a fifty thousand word novel in it's definitely doable. By the way. Even if you have like a fulltime job. It's it probably take you about two extra hours day. I totally want to do it by the next year. You know, if you have a novel in USA, they will this is I'm going to get this fifty thousand were draft on it's probably not gonna be done at that dome. And it's not going to be like amazing. But who cares? It'll be it'll be a book it'll be very bad book. And you go pick it better, right? Believer in like right fast at it slow. And and so it's a good way to get it out. And do it. You know, it's like doing a whole thirty challenge. Right. You could do anything for thirty days in the near. And then you're good. So I did that. Yeah. That's that's been fun. How about on the exercise frontier? House your house. You're you're on that. I got really into beach by for a while. I want to get back to that. They was great. I mean, it's still run here. And there I don't feel like I've had like a good. It's just been really hard with the baby sleep issues. And I think I'd give myself more leeway. And I think it's been the right time to just be a little slack here. I'm excited to pick it back up. But hey, you're you're you're here for your word for the year was stayce. Right. So today's and slack in both be. Send things there you go. There. Definitely related words. I think I wrote that I carve myself some space with an ice pick. Because I feel like I managed to make that word come true..

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