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And then there'd be five minutes of News, BBC News, and then the weather, and then at ten past six in the morning, the cartoons died. I've been watching files. Do you think? Immediately, giving us our national anthem National Song God. Save the Queen. You know our national anthem immediately after you've watched that test pattern are the fuzziness. Some brainwashing. We're also watching. All of the X. files right now. So that is a big. That's a theme and then attempt six the cartoons. And he would literally go from about six to nine am. Oh No, our TV would start very early. Did Yours go like five am I was with six ten till nine am. And, then when nine an came. Cartoons finished, but they had kids like you know like this morning. Like Good Morning America that kids version of the deck hosted. Okay, Hey, so it was just fun games and slamming people and. NICKELODEON thing right. But I would say from ten to. Ten past six in the morning until about noon when they all ended I would watch that whole thing. Yeah me, too. And then I remember also as a noon when all that was over. Wrestling came on British rest. On then I would not a wonder that we are not completely insane insane. I used to go out when the wrestling came ends of the wrestling. I dislike the cartoons silly stuff. So that's our childhoods in. Over reviewing. The Seventies. The seventies in the early eighties, such fond memories, so let's move on here to the cast. This is obviously an automated thing, so their voices will fall tape play shaggy. Who surprised you the most when you found out who was who well? Well. Let's just go. WE'LL FI-. We like him. Because we lost night on earth, he was really funny. We do do we have the same brain now? I think the satellite when you married to each other. One person likes to say we. Feel like will forte sounds like shaggy anyway. He only just tweak himself signed disorder slightly, and then even the way he talks if you think about Thandi from Las Manos. The way delivers dialogues Kinda like shaggy is kind of goofy. So, did you like him? Shaggy share I mean he's just. Always been a little extra gets upgrades at any animated voice to get on my nerves, it would be. Right and there's a little bit, too, you know. There were times when I was listening to him. I was like no. That's just faulting now, not shaggy. Like I, can hear, will it? The one that. Blue Falcon in this movie. We I said to you who who is talking? I was GONNA Settlers Ryan Reynolds combat and I said Oh yeah. I can see that, and then it ended, and then the credits game. Well! which sounds nothing like my will book? Nothing like Ryan metal correct well, maybe he does. We've never maybe subtracted the face from the voice maybe. All Dogs Blue Falcon Jason Isaacs. Australia and I believe right British Australian Donna one of those same. This to you. He plays Dick. Dustin, very brave of you and I think he did really well. 'cause you know it's you know it's over the top correct. Gina Rodriguez played Alma Zaka from played. Fred Amanda Safe Replayed Daphne all fine. Yeah, all good. This is the right to buy Tony Ceremony and he's directed lots of different wallner automation including the scooby. Doo things so you know he is in the one I wanNA run. A renovation is just guest and better, you know they. Do. They have like a giant. Thing like pick well. I was GONNA say like picks up picks don't. They just do different things all the time right I. mean you mean like like giant French I mean like Scooby Doo from I'd say that's the biggest one I don't know. I don't really keep track to do a lot of won't do love like. Mine animation and Holly Quin can stuff. I guess those big then for kids, are they? Usually they're? Grown is at hanna-barbera. No one brothers. Okay I'm sticking with the Hanna Barbera theme like this even on a American on the bucks to see it. Has It anyway? Actually doesn't says WB animation interesting. So maybe they bought. Maybe they bought it up. Some IMDB reviews this the review process. To Go I'm DB and look. No while the people who love this movie think. That'd be so boring so boring. This is the people on MGB. Disliked this movie for some reason or another? Let's see what they think and you're here to make fun of them or in cherish them. We're talking about an animated Scooby Doo movie here and these people spent. I don't know quite a while to write several paragraphs sometimes. On why they didn't like this movie, So this guy says this is not Scooby Doo. For those hoping to watch fun origin story of Scooby Doo I'll maybe a giant fun epic mystery adventure film. This film misses the mark completely what you should expect to see is another average. CGI Animated Cliche, extremely bland, predictable surveyor film. The film tried to accomplish too much. Join its runs on ends up accomplishing nothing. Sangre about the superhero part of the film. Yeah, but that's was what they were going, so you can't really. But Yeah if looking for haunted house Scooby Doo. Unfortunately it's not really. It's next guy says. Where's the heart?.

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