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Was. I was always tagging along always with my brother. He's i witnessed along with the rest of the world. My family's extraordinary impact on popular culture. Yes now some respect on not just in america but all around the globe the entire globe an as the youngest in the family. I was determined to make it on my own. I wanted to stand on my own. Two feet work. Did it baby but never in a million years did i expect to follow in their footsteps. Tonight you'd be sister has more. I just wanted to really play that because it was long overdue for her to be inducted. That's one thing but she said it best her family. The impact that that family has had all over. The world is timeless. It's something that's inexplicable. And you cannot deny the music and this is why i wanted to throw my roses to the queen. janet jackson. These gentlemen are do hope. You've enjoyed this episode. Aggregrate making it and i know there's so much more i could have said. It's so much more done but again i'm happy and i'm pleased. Come on get up on the dance. A little bit lounge come on. Can we get some snaps. I want to hear snaps everybody at the end this on the high. No everybody because you know what it's often you. We are the rhythm nation. All rights reserved. Janet virgin records in them. And i am your host and it has been a pleasure. Listen before i let you go. It is imperative that i say thank you to the audience. Happy holidays christ. Is the reason for the season in my opinion and my beliefs. So i'm going to say. Merry christmas actually is everything. Books are everything but christ. Is everything as well. happy holidays. Everybody who is listening. Please stay safe and this crazy world right and please spread the word about losses. Now podcasts holler at me on twitter at lowe's lounge or on instagram at los lounge underscore. Podcasts let me know what you thought about this episode. Let me know your favorite janet jackson songs. Let me know what you want me to talk about. Give me ideas already. Kind of have my list of a future episodes already planned out. But you know you know. There's this thing called editing. That's possible okay. But i definitely want to hear your feedback. Rate and review the podcast. Let me know how. I'm doing and please as i always say. Subscribe stream support and stay. Thank you janet jackson everything. You've contributed to me personally. And musically on a global scale you are you are an icon and you did it baby. You said it you did it. I'm proud of you thank you. I can't imagine my musical life like in terms of you know what i'm into and in terms of dancing i couldn't imagine it without miss jackson. I love your janet my fellow. Taurus jan fam- peace and love lounges. Have amazing evening..

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