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World economic forum week we'll talk artificial intelligence of automation would esteem speakers such as sea vj arkia more of hcl technologies john best golfer kwaje neither electric devon winning of ebay and many more proudly sponsored by hcl technologies for more info visit bloomberglivecom now the news the senate has reconvened in an effort to reopen the federal government senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the democrats need to cooperate if nothing traders a cloture vote will be no sooner than one am tonight we could resolve this much earlier if the democratic leader withdrawals has procedural objection and allows the senate to proceed go about women's marches continue around the world today including of protest in london this participants as it's time for women and men to be on equal footing we just need to bring everyone together to have that crash i'm just to make sure that we kind of can livid about where everyone is equal and women are seen on the same level at which point marches have also been held in paris across australia and in the us today las vegas at seattle in miami ibn cates these is the business of sports on bloomberg radio with scott sajda again michael barr thanks for joining us let's continue our conversation with the deputy commissioner of the national basketball association mark tatum and market you talk about players having voices and not being free to use them lebron james himself is a media company at this point in the medium sure have changed to discuss if you would the possibilities moving forward and scalable media for the nba like you said this is a global game you can reach the world and when you get eyeballs when you aggregate eyeballs you can certainly monetize how does the nba planned to monetize all those eyeballs on all those platforms yeah clicked alajiz agreed in april are the you know the vast majority of our fans will never see an nba game live and so uh what technology allows us to do was to get that content to them however there consuming it or whatever platform there consuming it we're actually announcing uh that.

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