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NewsHour from the BBC World Service. It comes to you live from London. The Indian government has blamed Pakistan for Thursday's violence in. Kashmir. That is our top story today. Also in today's program, we hear how Egypt's Coptic Christians have dealt with the video of a massacre for the Coptic church. This video has become an icon an icon of the passion of the same. That interview is coming up in about twenty minutes with the German writer Martin most pocket. We begin today though, with Kashmir a disputed region. Geographically located between India and Pakistan with both countries claiming sovereignty over it. She has endured around three decades of insurgency as well as interference and is could be forgiven for despairing that the world has become inured to their plight. The attack on Thursday in which more than forty Indian paramilitary officers were killed by a suicide bomber from the group Girish Muhammad, which has its headquarters in Pakistan could be a game changer. Indians are furious and the government's internal policy on Kashmir may change. The attack is almost certainly also gained to change India's relationship with Pakistan the government in Islamabad has condemned. The attack and says it had nothing to do with it. The government in Delhi blames Pakistan and says it will take all steps to isolate its neighbor from the international community. We'll hear from a spokesman of the Indian government in just a moment. But first wife is Kashmir disputed pick. Torius. Go field is the author of Kashmir in conflict, the beginnings of the Kashmir dispute almo correctly, we should say the dispute over the former princely state of genuine cashmere goes back to nine hundred forty seven at the time of partition, the maharaja couldn't decide which country he wanted to join and the issue was not resolved actually at the time of independence. It was subsequently resolved in October nineteen forty seven when he finally did exceed to India, but this was disputed by Pakistan, raiders it already gone in. And basically the ceasefire was affected in nine hundred forty nine between the two opposing sides leaving one third of the state administered by Pakistan, roughly two-thirds administered by India this included the most populous region the beautiful valley of Kashmir. And this is where the problem has arisen most of the other. Areas have remained quiescent but in the late nine thousand nine hundred thirty nine hundred ninety s and insurgency began. And this is what we're now seeing is the fallout from this insurgency, the two countries Pakistan and India have gone to war over this disputed region. In the context of everything that you have said where does this attack fit in? Unfortunately, what's happened within the whole history in terms of talking about the insurgency. It's cyclical and you've had the rise and fall in violence. What you're now seeing is another upsurge in violence, and this is the worst attack that has been perpetrated against Indian security forces emanating from a group of individuals within the valley who believes that they haven't been accorded what they call their right of self-determination. But in the context of the overall dispute over jumble and catch me a it's a small region. And this has to be understood, it's a great sense of alienate. Nation, which you're seeing in the valley of Kashmir, and unfortunately stemming into undertaking terrorist acts should we be reading anything into the timing of this particular attack? The Indian elections are imminent, I wouldn't necessarily the attack has been time because of the elections, but unfortunately, the reaction in India is going to be that much greater because of election because the other unfortunate strand to the whole debate is the blame that India attached to Pakistan for what gets undertaken in the valley of Kashmir and the longstanding complete it's been going on for over twenty years. Thirty years is that Pakistan actually is sponsoring these acts of terrorism, and this is where the reaction from India and the Indian government is going to be very telling because it's coming into elections, certainly the domestic. The constituency within India is going to be demanding a reaction, which is not going to be soft on Pakistan, victorious Scofield. Let's hear now from JV L Narasimah rows spokesman for the ruling by John Topolski. So what does the Indian government want action that we expect from angrily global used to identify Pakistan as an exporter of terrorism a country that has not only given sanctuary to all the major federal Switzer on its soil. By has also been incubating thin can bring them sanction to really attack the neighbors. Namely, India just to be clear, so you'll blaming the government of Pakistan for being behind this attack is Jason momoa, which has taken responsibility for this terror attack. But it is no secret. There is only a pin line between the states on those of terrorism on this so called a non-state actors working. The foreign Minister Arun Jaitley has said that there is incontrovertible evidence that psalm about had a direct hand in this attack. What evidence do you have this will be public domain, into course of time? I think there is no doubt in anyone's mind that people like muscled he's the leader of the organization that's claimed responsibility. Josh Mohammed them seeing. Barrowman on late this gate, guests of John? The target. Dictate thumbs to the government, uneven Pakistan. On the government of Pakistan rejects everything that you have said they have condemned the attack they reject any links between the group the government of Pakistan says it only gives moral and diplomatic support to the people of Kashmir and their struggle for determination. This is there. No takers for this kind of a silly explanations that Pakistan government, also, and it's no secret that people like muscled has actually buy cheaper half as they literally they have greater authority than the prime minister of Pakistan. There's a quite strong allegations to make about a neighboring government. Do you not accept that? You are inflaming tensions. When you say that your neighbor Pakistan is trying to destabilize the region, surely the rhetoric that you are coming out with is contributing to inflaming tensions making a fight. To in statement. We have. Sorry, sir. It's a factual statement that can be easily contested by many people to expose Pakistan. This is not inflaming fashion. This is seeking Justice. I to ensure that the perpetrator of data that is Pakistan is really easily globally diplomatically, uneven. Otherwise, the prime minister Narendra Modi has said that they will be a strong response to the decks of these soldiers was is it India is planning on doing. What is it that you think will be an adequate strong response has been a stated policy of our government since twenty in security forces remain completely autonomous? And they have the full authority sanction of the government. Does India to carry out every action that is required to ensure that armed forces are secure. So they will act independently of the Indian government. To respond to this forces will have the full Akari Tico. Bland would do they would want to give Justice to the people who been killed in this attack. What is it that you would like to see happen? You've talked about how Pakistan should be isolated. What are you calling on these nations to do? For example. What are you calling on the rest of the international community to do as the first step threat knowledge and really unequally locally state Pakistan is not only harbouring terrorism Pakistan is completely in the post terrorist, organizations and terror leaders? Secondly, we were taking these steps to get the support of the international community to get this comprehensive convention on international terrorism. We were going to get support for this convention, and we were warned international community do identify example muscled as was at ease international terrorists. But some countries like China actually used. Second loopholes stall, you and identification as liberal terrorists. We would certainly want everybody on team the words do not really true on good race and back. There is a BJP spokesman GPL row we've been trying for several hours to get a response to that interview from the Pakistani government, so far no one has agreed to speak to us. Now the abandoned exclusion zone surrounding the Ginobili nuclear power plant plant could be set to shrink for the first time since the nineteen Eighty-six explosion there. The change comes at the conclusion of three decades of research revealing how the landscape has recovered from the worst nuclear disaster in history, Victoria, Gill spent a week in zone with a team of scientists. And sent this report starting at the birthday party of one of the people who refused to leave. What do you please?.

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