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Really good for them. I lean looks incredible early. Good damn good. This this would have been fun to fill is fun. You beast going. That would have been super exciting. You get to do it like it feels like. They got to take out a little bit of aggression. Maybe that they always had inside them. So that's good acting like that. I think you need that or like one of those rooms. One of those rooms will go to smash everything. I think wrecking room. Yeah yeah no. I think i'm gonna keep holding stuff. The only thing scarier than lisa reynaud with a broken wine glasses her with a bow speaker in an instagram story. Am i right. What type of dance is she going to do this time. We're going to be watching this and some peacock you can yeah and has gone viral. That might actually be helpful. Or just make you a little paranoid cybersecurity. Expert share all the way. Someone can hide a camera in your airbnb and we'll never be the same again. This thing you're gonna want to look for is devices that a conveniently placed where creeper would want to look take this far alone for instance it's placed right above the bed now. One way to save a device as a camera is to shine a bright light out that if you had a camera lens is going to give a bluish reflection now. This clock is mirrored but if we shine a bright light so that we can see through the glass and see a camera to these camera lenses of very small as you can see here so they can be hidden in anything even a hole in the wall. I feel like most ambi. Airbnb would have these right like i feel like the owner wants to know what's going on within the house for veteran because then you get bedrooms bathrooms. But i wouldn't wanna say never be. That has a camera like. That's just such an invasion of privacy. I'm with you a hundred percent. That's just making me very uncomfortable for every arab airbnb. Why cannot say airbnb today. Thank you thank you. I do now. I just make sure that everything i'm doing is like a good angle. Oh my gosh you turned on always. If you found out you were being recorded you love it. You'd eat it up. Oh i would start. I'd get very performance. I'm not sure it'd be a skillet milk gang angles shore cooking. It is helpful to people who maybe would have no idea right like they have no idea that people would do this in airbnb but the other people who are watching or people who are trying to figure out where i put this tiny little this little all right next that you've seen this taco bell testing a monthly subscription service. Oh taco bell for just ten bucks a month you can get a taco lovers pass which gives subscribers a taco a day for thirty days. Is this genius or thirty dollars a month. A little overboard you guys what do you what would you want one taco a day. They want you to like go every day. And then you get like a baja blast and some cinnamon sticks. They don't think what taco bill no but that's like the meam bob last people love that from taco bell. Okay i love chicken burrito from taco sour cream is like kinda moist in hot. I just love tacos. I like to talk a little burrito. And you're drug is good but that's that that food makes you not well after absolutely magnesium kicks in the taco past comes with health insurance. I think because there's no way you're mad of it anyway. We have to take another break. But coming guy comes up with the craziest. Avoid having sex with his girlfriend but now he's mad that she's played along still welcome back. We missed you. We may not be judges but we do have years of television experience under our belt. So we've earned the right to make some rulings that's my gavel take time or let's show jiji no joe one two three one two three for nina. She didn't get doing it on your own. Then we made it. This couple started having problems after they moved in with a friend. Yes obviously this guy wasn't getting the job done in the bedroom. So he told his girlfriend she could go elsewhere. Was there something going on between you and your friend prior to the two of you moving in. No your honor honestly. I felt like maybe we could be there for each other and eventually it actually made me want her physically as well and i told him. This is not what i want. I want you to learn how to operate a woman's body during sex because one have sex it was all about him and he actually told me he would rather me go sleep with my friend. He didn't wanna do the he didn't want him to my needs. So you're telling me before you actually slip with your friend he told you to do. It was okay. Yes you do it. And you mr parrish your your honor. Yes ma'am it is and this this woman you could tell. She told the truth because she was upset. She was very upset. That was a woman who was fed up with not getting her needs. Met honey prize. The guy with that haircut and facial hair couldn't satisfy women anyway this guy. I think he's douche lord but it was not selfish of him because he did say go. Do what you need to get one hundred percents selfish of him. You're in a relationship you're married and your partner isn't satisfied. You told them to go somewhere else. Right well selfish. That's why the divorce courts happening but good for good for. Yeah we're gonna move on. Yes we're all guilty of doing some strange things when we're alone in our houses but on the people's court this woman got a little too comfortable while she was renting a room in another woman's house. Well i walk around the house nude when nobody's there when nobody's there because no one wants that. I was walking around like from the bathroom to to my room and sometimes also get my towel in my bedroom. You ever see our nude on any of that. One time i want. She had just moved in. I guess she hadn't heard us in the apartment. I walked in and she's like oh i'm naked and i thought that was a little odd because not even i am naked in my own apartment. Okay all right but make it is a lot. I mean relationship book nicot is a lot like you know like boy shores and like a little of sports bra or something i think is okay but i think also the other person has a partner and you're walking around butt naked. That's very inappropriate inappropriate. And what i mean. I agree a hundred live with a girl and her boyfriend. And i'm walking around naked. That's a lot and also it doesn't seem like they were roommates. It's like that she was basically like renting space from her. So i think that's also a different dynamic when you're renting a room from somebody you lose a lot of the naked liberal. Yes you know. That's like at that point. You just said you have no choice being like completely butt naked when you have like a package or something like things to do with your home however say i've already knocking things over with these things. I need look too cozy. I'm gonna be cozy in my house. Person yeah same. We can't nina. And i can't do like she said we're not gonna things over all the time. I don't know what.

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