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That people would like to see improved. Chris would editor publisher biz west. Chris i appreciate your time as always my friend We'll be back at it next week. Thank you so much. We covered a lot of ground there. But i appreciate your insight as always absolutely. Thanks for having me. thanks. Chris would again. Editor publisher with biz west. Foothills said i. I actually kind of enjoy part of the the foothills malls outside. I do enjoy that little walk around. They've got the ice rink right there. You got bad. Daddy's he got some some of those other stores right there restaurants The it's just. I don't know i think that way of shopping might might be dead ten fifty two time. Let's take a break. We'll get comeback and then aside get the headline the caught my eye. Wrap up this edition of nocona prisoner by the jeanine agencies. Northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi. Gabe.

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