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I mean I yeah so much criticized the red sox on right now but I came. I can't get pass. This ain't her up you mellow I can't WHO's this grandy? And you know this is now drake Kirkman and in. Yes how are you terrible Kirk. Why what's wrong? Oh my daughter having trouble at school but that's probably decided to point why what's going on. What's what's what's up with that? I suppose can't get up in the morning. How old is she here chicks? Oh so. She's in first grade first grade kindergarten kindergarten emotion kindergarten. Yeah yeah seven trouble in school could change trauma kindergarten any. Yeah man near the line you know the whole thing. Yeah well all right. What what's that? These are the the the. The kid are minor peanuts compared to my problems right now. If I don't mind may cry your shoulder for a moment. Let's do it okay did. Do you watch my periscope at Fenway Park. Yesterday okay How did you think I did? Her unseen brilliant. Thank you thank you knowing me. I think you're you've been a fan of the show and of my of me for a while I'm guessing Several years okay. Thank you thank you for that so it was nice to have a friend so occur so Knowing what I like don't like would you think I might want have had some of that. Sound cut up and ready to react to on the show the next day expecting directing it to be the first thing to go this morning. That was my six as well. Andy I wanted to ask the producer of this program. Steve Rod the executive producer Steve Robinson. How much sound he had cut up and ready for the show today? Go ahead Andy. The floor is yours my friend. It sounds like based on the conversation. He's got zero to ten percent correct. Exactly right Andy Handy when you want to say to Steve He got him. Get Your Shit together. Thank you and good luck. You just WanNa Kirkman Hanso cousy. Thank you for calling in good luck with your daughter. Good bye see senior pal. Call somebody else please because maybe somebody will call to. Somebody disagrees with me. How's that Nara Go? Someone says Oh. Maybe you'll start with a that Brad Williamson. Yeah that's the thing you were referencing. Probably the little person careful. Oh that makes up the names on the getting Doug with high. Get kind of thing.

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