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Years ago. We got the ten year one hundred million dollar guarantee deal so row as much as right as you are. I don't think he's on the hot seat. I think may is i think if they don't make the playoffs this year. May i could end up being the scapegoat. But i think it will have to be horrible like dr near-mutiny from the players for gruden to be five just because of his contract and his personality and stature and i think they want a face like that in vegas is not the right thing but if they get is what it is rob. I'm with you. Look jon gruden. This is his fourth year with the raiders. They have yet to have a winning season and rob all this four five year plan. It's only a couple of france. I we're gonna give you give jacksonville the couple years a couple years. You're giving the jets a few years. You know those horrible teams. You giving a little bit of time. But two years before jon gruden took over. They were twelve and four. They were before and my thing. Is this rob not. It doesn't happen in every situation but a lot of times. You might even say most times. A great coach. Great often turn that team around. If not immediately vin quickly andy. Reid goes the kansas city all of a sudden. They're they're top team. Sean mcdermott all of a sudden. They're top team in buffalo. They had made the plows in. Seventeen years sean. Mcdermott puts them in his first year. Sean mcveigh we saw what he did with the rams office that near top team so you don't i mean enough's enough. There's no more excuses and you brought up tampa. We know jon gruden. I'm not taking credit away from him for this. He all but it was only a what was his team players but he has the coach. Fine. we'll get back right but rob his last six. The next six years in tampa what they make the playoffs. They made it twice to win a playoff game. This is what. I'm trying to say that when you add that to what he's done now the first three years and i want to go back because you know mike mayock gonna make a headline. The headline is chris. A headline was from two thousand late in the two thousand season. And you'll remember this when jim fossil delay jim. Fossil was the coach of the giants. You remember kris showed up there to giant scuffling and he said i guarantee you will make the playoffs. Do you remember that. That was jim fossil. And guess what they did that year. They didn't even make just make the playoffs. They went to the super bowl chris. That was jim fossils team. And i'm talking about when you want to stand up there and stick your chest out. You better talk about in indefinite terms. And i have more respect for jim fossil. That could blow up in his face. Chris right and that could have been it. He guaranteed that that team was good enough and that it would make the playoffs. So i wanna hear. Mike mayock and jon gruden stand up and say we have everything. We've put this team together and this team is a playoff team..

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