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Yeah that's right okay so let's you talk about what i would have done or what somebody else would have done when i was there is unfair i mean i herod a lot of nuclear liabilities i heard a job unease solve jeff and they on well i loved or december on september seven on september eleventh he had his world blown up sure so you know everybody she's a different environment so comparing one ceo to air environment another how did you handle your environment that's the only question not how somebody else would starting yes somebody who did something let me ask you this in nineteen ninety nine not long before you retired from ge you said that your ultimate success would be determined by how well your successor grows the company over the next twenty years when you said that ge's market cap was up north of four hundred fifty billion now it's almost twenty years later it's just north of two hundred billion so talk to me about that i know that you very not that you don't why not i mean it's public wreck i mean we know that you are anyway where you want but i i'm not i haven't commented on my successor once in the twenty years and i don't club now you can judge me any way you want on where i picked the right guy unawed you gave numbers and one from those numbers would question how well i did but i'd not commenting.

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