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With Drake and associated time Tony Drake certified financial. Planner NewsRadio WTMJ is your business. Outgrowing its space Tri city. National Bank has been there and can help you get the right space for your business at the right rate. Whether it's buying new facility ground up construction or a remodel. They're talented team of commercial lenders will help find the best financing solution with local decision making and processing right here in southeastern Wisconsin. You'll enjoy friendly attentive service from beginning to end learn more at TC NB dot com. Tri city national Bank your hometown Bank, member FDIC, equal housing lender are on sale now for summer fest, presented by American family insurance. Joined the business group sales program today for the best deals on tickets. Save up to thirty percent off gate prices now through January thirty first plus a lot great benefits like free parking free. Weekday tickets and more reward, your clients and employees with what they love summer fest. Call four one four two nine one fifty three twenty that's four one four two nine one fifty three twenty or visit. Summer fest dot com slash BG. Yes. To order today. Economic mortgage is an equal housing lender animal and said he two five five three eight. This is chief savings officer Brian wicker here to report that fixed mortgage rates continue to inch lower. And that means low overhead acne can once again offer a trophy rate of three point nine nine percent on a two hundred thousand dollar fifteen year fixed with twenty five percent remaining equity after taking cash out to remodel payoff higher rate home equity line.

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