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Engineer mon- seduces the trouble spots at the same. Even the. Volumes are lighter and the peaks shifted earlier coming into downtown Seattle. Still lose lanes at the convention center. Southbound in the afternoon when the express lanes are going northbound, so that isn't gone. It's just the duration and the intensity has changed. A little bit sued tells me a crash like Tuesday afternoon on northbound five and Mountlake terrace can really throw us for a loop. Traffic was moderate and heavy. And once that crash happened it became stop and go and that built quickly seduces like Monday. Tuesdays midnight to midnight volumes are lower than average a trend. They hope will hold another two and a half weeks at the TMC in shoreline. Ryan Harris, KOMO news. The vita comes down. The city is considering a proposal for how to develop the waterfront over the coming weeks. They're working on a one hundred and sixty million dollar plan to build a new park and improve transportation Joshua Curtis with the city's office of the waterfront told the council how much it would cost property owners in the neighborhood. Median condo owner would have a one time assessment of one thousand nine hundred dollars. They chose to finance that with the city over twenty years that would end up being about eight dollars a month. Plus financing, of course, says cost commercial property owners in the area total of fifty nine hundred dollars which they can spread out over twenty years. Opponents say the cost should be spread out across the entire city. Not just paid by neighborhood. Property owners traffic can be challenging the Seattle area. So it's not surprising aggressive driving is increasing pimco insurance just conducted a poll on drivers here in the northwest. Derek wing with pimco says younger drivers of the most aggressive millennials in particular are becoming notably more aggressive on the roads compared to their older counterparts drivers under thirty five admit to an average. Of three point three risky maneuvers per month compared to too aggressive acts at the admitted to four years ago, while drivers over thirty five have remained about shame from three years ago, averaging about one aggressive incident a month as the federal government shutdown drags on. A prominent local charity says it's feeling the pressure from people who are suddenly in need of health northwest harvest helped so many foodbanks around here. This is the group's Jordan Rubin. A huge uptick of first time families coming to their community food Bank, and the primary driver of that was the government shutdown government employees. But it was also government contractors. It was also those who aren't even employed by the government. But if you own a diner out near mount Ranier, and now nobody can get there because the parks are closed. Then you have no customers he says northwest harvest is calling for an end to the shutdown. Charlie Harger, KOMO news after months of investigating a fatal stabbing in west Seattle. Police are urging the attacker to turn it turn in the staff. Happened June second last year twenty two year old Jonathan Pacino was with a friend, and Al Qaeda beach. Al Qaida knew when they met up with another man a fight, ensued. And casino was stabbed and died is PD's Deanna. Let describes the case in a video released by police. We have collected and identified.

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