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Wasted a couple of hours trying to do the restore trying to restore from the backup nothing worked and i was upset but you know this stuff happens any had anything he may be appreciate the new setup experience of ioc eleven which is something that i won outright about extensively in my review in a few months are you know the fact that you can set up us device more quickly despite tapin within other iris eleven device so for example to put back my eickhout information and my apple id for diop store all i had to and a bunch of other settings all i had to do was to tap my phone on the ipad any would transfer settings quickly and also there's a second component to do this are slimmer set up experience which is the express settings um option busy to new screened the comes up during set up and it's apple telling you hey were taking care of these basic settings for you if you're okay with it just hit continue otherwise you can explore each setting individually so they're basically coal arm like bundling what used to be a bunch of separate screens using sat up into one recommended by apple of flow that it's much easier icu not stuff like sharing bark reports and all that kind of nonsense which was like a screen per morning let me see because i think i have my screen shots archived in devon think seriously review bitter because having set up a couple in you devices a couple of times recently it was frustrating to have to keeping like yes and needs to apple yes and is to develop yet so express sightings includes find my phone or find my ipad with a activator lock automatically turned on.

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