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It was so loud please like I was in Dorothy's house in the wizard of oz the tornadoes it was so weird that you're the sounds I was trying to get some work done because I was you know I've been behind a little bit and I wanted to stay in my office wait as always I put on my headphones and I was listening to music yeah well I was looking for the a lot of you know new and interesting stories it's about take my mind off of the cover nineteen stuff and believe me it's when you're looking through the news it's it's just difficult to find out you know Amazing Stories to kind of relate and talk to you about but there were a few things that few things are on my mind that that some of the listener suggested I looked into it as I was mulling over the suggestions I was inspired to actually formulate a very chilling theory and you're gonna hear that tonight on the program the first suggestion I got is rather time we're talking about Kim Jong moon I I was most interested in looking into this connection between comments and the correlation of the fall of empires and that's leaders remember we did our eyes of Marshall talked about Calpurnia and how she told Cesar that you know comments you know kill leaders whatever comments are seen leaders die it's a car that was in this guide comments wanted now board he saw four was a twenty one border south twenty one Boris off there they've been a few suggestions that these comments may be apocalyptic harbingers for possible death since of leaders in Kim Jong moon of course you know we don't know if he's dead or alive he's kind of Schroeder's leader at the moment so Kim Jong moon you know if he if he has died or if he's you know seriously may die soon I mean that the connections you know a lot of A. listers retire you should ignore those connections the celestial the harbingers are something that have been around since the time of the Bible well I I'm certain that we don't have to put the cart before the horse here but like the man on the card the money python's holy grail he's not dead yet but as far as we know main course are many who are hopeful that the grim reaper will visit him soon what's that for a lot of people say that was with a you know what I what I did find this is interesting because I wanted to you know get into this I got some other things I want to cover but I don't know that there's there seems to be this scientific the debate right now over an anomaly would you looking into the interstellar what they call now well they're calling it an alien visitor they call it it's true that I mean what would they would like fighting tooth and nail to not call it more more visitors are now calling body soft twenty one forty softer calling that an alien visitor Avenue in Google for information on border soften curiously they call it an object composed of alien material or how I was acting in some unusual alien way and and and now apparently it's acting like a comet there was a comma to begin with there saying what is it is acting more more like a comet but here's the deal so gas coming our bodies off contain high amounts of carbon monoxide for more than comets formed in our solar system in indicating the object a large concentration of carbon monoxide ice in it so carbon monoxide courses a common gas in space eight you know eighty what informs it stated the icy area around the the fridge location of his comments in the presence of this carbon monoxide researchers have said suggested bodies are formed in a different manner than comments in our own solar system so it's a very cold outer region its home star system where this thing came out and so it came out in a place a lot cooler than the sun so the cop is like giving up these you know gas emissions that in reality are quite rare rare I mean even though the gases all over outer space just the idea of a comma.

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