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Your phone. Just use the radio dot com app and tap on the heart to favorite K R l D already. So we said, if you're driving on E, That's not a good look. 10 80 Pump Watch is here to help If you're driving in Melissa, the Bucky's Off Central Expressway near Davis Road, they have a gallon of gas. For a dollar 59 out in Joshua Dollar 61 at the Exxon off a Broadway street and Cooper Lane dollars 69 4 worth at the Sams on Overton Ridge Boulevard near City Lake Boulevard and the current local averaging, nor Texas if your price shopping dollar 95. That means gas prices are up eight cents higher in just one week tens of thousands of layoffs coming for Fort Worth's American Airlines, some 40,000 airline workers or about 30% of the company. Workforce will have lost their jobs by October. 1st Karel de business analyst David Johnson says 12,500 employees have already voluntarily left the company. Now they're saying there'll be another 19,000 involuntary cut if there isn't some sort of extension to that $25 billion in US government stimulus funds that came in March and was Mitt cover payrolls and protect jobs. Greg Overman, with the Allied Pilots Association says they've been working closely with the airline to try to save Hobbs. Experts say that for every one job in the airline history that helps support as many as 13 other jobs outside the industry, so here in death W. With two major airlines reverse in there with the Economic impact the benefits of having a big airlines in your backyard just six months ago that American Airlines had over 140,000 employees. Austin York News Radio 10 80 Caroli. We'll check your traffic and weather together on the eighths up next. Plus, we also.

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