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To say i spent a month there one night you imagine how to ball with carrying oklahoma during tornado season talk about home field advantage mike in half moon what's up mike acreage a couple of questions for you would you say the mets are frugal organization frugal yeah like they don't spend money right they obviously are one hundred and fifty million kids say technically one hundred sixty six point six but with insurance was kind of rides they're getting the david wright money back i mean they don't they don't they don't put it this way they don't spend on the level that they should be spending at considering their new york team put it that lead up to a point here was assessment of signing a bad signing i think looking back at it was but i'm not going to sit here and tell you it was the wrong move at the time because they needed the star and that guy had propelled them to the world series already and then the playoffs the next year when you gave him the money so i can't argue with that what don't people get here have to trade to grump okay you realize she's thirty years old right when he's a free agent he's gonna be thirty two even a prime whose career right now so for you to hang onto what benefit is there when he's thirty two assuming he's still pitching good what he's thirty two he's twenty five million a year the mets aren't gonna pay him this is all these are these are all points that i agree with that well the mets are gonna pay him in two years let's add onto it right okay if you have to grab and you have syndergaard and you're not gonna trade him then honestly what are you gonna do you can't just be you cannot just be putting around them the anthony sports acts of the world and jay bruce can't do it you have to make a serious commitment and that's going after one of these big time free agents that i would go after machado they're not going to do it but that's what you have to ask yourself what if you're gonna keep them what are you going to do to make it to cash in on it to cash in on their brilliance to actually become real legit contenders go all in my big problem here is this i'm coming around more to the notion of if you decide that you want to do it you don't do it until the off season and the reason is who by gm is going to be i have to give that individual whether it's john ricco whether it's anybody else in the organization or somebody from the outside i have to give that guy the chance to decide if he wants to keep him for the next two years and think that they can get their turn him into young players but the owner knows if he's going to pay him or not already so if you already know that the donor knows that he's not going to pay him he's not going to pony up the money to pay him than you already know that as an organization and if you wait till the all season you you might not be able to catch somebody desperate people do desperate things and they feel like they have a shot at a world title we saw that with the cubs so if you can find somebody desperate the time to get it it's like you know near the end of the trade dylan i agree with that and i just think it's hard to trade away elite pitcher leap it is how two or three to four in the game when you know you're going to have somebody else in charge at the this is the thing right all mets fans out there if you're a mets fan and a knicks fan together this is going to make a lot of sense to you because you don't want what the mets are might be going through this year to be what the knicks just went through don't let phil jackson draft frank neale akita and then fire him and bring in another general manager that makes no sense so don't have the the last regime if they're not gonna be there in the future don't have the making huge decisions that impact your future if you're a lame duck which makes me think that if they do trade degrom recco is going to get the job you know what i think that's i think he probably should have had.

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