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So once inside your body, the virus attached to the lining of your nose your throat, or wherever it wants set up shop, and it triggers your body's immune system to send in something called white blood cells. If you've built antibodies to this virus in the past the fight doesn't last very long. So you ever notice how sometimes you've got a cold coming on over one way. Well, chances are whatever Cudi, you're exposed to your immune system has been exposed to that before an immune system knew how to react immune system said. Okay. I know exactly what that is come on guys. Let's go kick. This guy's fanny and it does. But when a new virus comes along. That's what do you mean system has to learn how to fight it? That's why sometimes you think you're getting a cold and you don't well. That's your immune system going. I know how to fix it. If the viruses new it has sent reinforcements into fight and inflames your nose in your throat and with so much of your body's response. Aiming and fighting a cold, you're left feeling tired and miserable. You only have so much energy. And that's what I do shows on food which is going to cover a little bit of that today. But romance family show will keep a clean is the number one consumer of energy, we have as humans digestion is number two. And this is another thing. Because again, there's a lot of perfect storm things that line up into winter when we get sick. When do we eat the most it seems well when we're stuck in a house when it's cold thanksgiving. What an insanely stupid way to celebrate a holiday. Let's eat as much food as we possibly can food that we're not used to eating as well cranberry sauce in Turkey and stuffing..

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