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Phillies, Eagles, Citizens Bank Park discussed on 24 Hour News


Key Phillies struggles continued last night lost their series, opener to Washington at citizens Bank park five to three Zach effluent, struggled on the mound again a lot all five runs three. Earned and five and a third innings of work had a key throwing error on a bunt that allowed the go ahead run to score in the fourth inning today Lost the game right through. The ball away on that on the to Strasbourg had I was more of I guess bracing for impact and I was worried about where I was Releasing the ball f. one now nine and five on, the season Reese Hoskins had a solo run in defeat for the. Phillies who will battle the. Nationals again tonight and there will. Be a tremendous pitching. Matchup featured in this one two Cy Young. Candidates, meeting up Aaron Nola throws for. The Phillies he's fifteen and three nets go with right hander max. Scherzer he's sixteen and. Six each hurler owns in ERA. Of, two point one three Billy's come into play now three and a half games behind first-place Atlanta in National, League east tonight's game at citizens. Bank park gets underway at seven oh five eagles will practice again today as they get. Ready for their fourth and final preseason game Thursday night they host the New. York Jets lots of talk about the struggles of the first team offense for the birds this summer but the I team defense for the most part is look pretty good safety Malcolm Jenkins. Says they're just about ready for the regular season, that we feel good about what we've done in the in the preseason feel good about the guys that, we have, in place and, hopefully as we continue to get healthier Lana On a year that just continues. To get better eagles head coach Doug Peterson we'll talk prior to practice today eagles and. The jets Thursday night at seven o'clock kick-off at the link that sports Samat. Leon KYW NewsRadio news time nine fifty up next on KYW NewsRadio a funny guy gets his star on the Hollywood walk of fame and Taylor SWIFT's relationship is coming to an end I've. Stevie Steve.

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Phillies, Eagles, Citizens Bank Park discussed on 24 Hour News

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