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Here's Greg met sick. Much is being made of the potential matchup between Packers all pro wide receiver Davante Adams and Rams All pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey. Game within the game that matter. The floor will appreciate if they want to travel with him, and they're playing man coverage. It's hard to get him off. So I just I think it is predicated on what coverage they're gonna play, but certainly it's gonna be a fun and exciting matchup. Any time you get to the best players of their position in the league going head to head that's always fun to watch. Aaron Rodgers will be delivering Adams the football. As for the Rams, they're gonna go with quarterback Jared Goff, who has been anything but in N. V P type player this year interceptions in each of his last three regular season games. That was before thumb surgery. He's making good progress, and he will start on Saturday, according to head coach Sean McVeigh. Elsewhere around the league, Cleveland Browns Pro Bowl left guard Joel but Tonio off the covert 19 list after missing last week's game against Pittsburgh. The Browns visit the top seeded Chiefs Sunday afternoon. The Sunday night game features the Buccaneers and Saint from New Orleans. Tom Brady has all sorts of respect for his counterpart Drew Brees. You know, I know what it takes to do what he's doing. He knows what it takes to do what I'm doing, and I think there's just a lot of mutual respect. Winner will advance to face the Packers or Rams in the NFC championship game. Bucks and Mavericks tonight from Fiserv form coverage begins at six o'clock and WTMJ Mavs riding a four game winning streak. The Bucks have won back to back games, both on the road. And the Badgers basketball team is in New Jersey to face Rutgers for an eight o'clock tip. Greg ESPN is reporting that the MBA is considering expanding rosters because of the cove. It thing that we spent a lot of time talking about this week. That one option on the table is we get through these dark days of covert in the league is that they be allowed to expand rosters that team allow for 15 roster spots would be surprised, and there's an option there to add another two way player with the D League affiliate. On defer the box said That would be significant because they're G league team is not even playing. This year. They opted out of the season. So you've got a handful of players connected to the organization that I just, I guess wondering what their next steps are going to be. In additional to a contract might give one of those players, arm or some work, so they love to practice with the bucks. Are they at the facility sitting at home? What's happening? So it's all kind of a separate? They're all on their own right now. I'm sure under some control from the box, but There is a G league bubble that's going to be up and running in Orlando on the Bucks. Just decide adopt out of it, so it'll be a recreation of sorts of what we saw last year at the end of the NBA season. In case you missed it up next 10 Wtmj. It's all books. Game.

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