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I mean, and I'm not talking about this for dead, doc destination. But if they keep billing where they are what happens to Tennessee. If Mario doesn't perform extra because I think next year. Yeah. Exactly absolutely move on you start to think about it. And the thing with him though, is he's not been put in a position to succeed. I mean leflore gets hired away. You you're. Learning another new offense next year. It's just been he has been given. No shots to be the best version of himself. I agree. I'm just saying in general, you know, that that that's one team to keep an eye on. And adding tap is another good one because you have a new head coach there now, I assume if they don't perform very well this year, the GM might be gone. So you're looking at some more change there. Yeah. It could be the seats at the table. There could be money more of them next year than there are right now, we'll give that to you. I have some more points. But what's your number one thing that's jumped out to see this week? I think it's probably just the idea that free agency is going to be really boring because a lot of the bigger names, we already either probably know where they're going or they're not even gonna hit. The Brandon Graham Brennan grad is the latest Brandon Graham, by the way, would not be an exciting free agent. But that shows you how unexciting for Asians because all the top four pass rushers are going to get franchised or they're going to well Justin Houston on being on a trade market. Is a nice little Easter egg for his all what do we think about Justin Houston right now? I think that if I were Kansas City, I'd be very weary about starting to dismantle the strength of your weird bad defense at but if you're another team, I mean, this is a guy who's what thirty thirty one years old. He is thirty just turned thirty just turned thirty has a very checkered injury history has not been able to stay on the field was fine last season. But was definitely the third most valuable player on that front. Nine sacks and twelve games. He was fun. He was but I think there are a lot. There's a lot of attention being paid to the other two players on that too. Chris Johns and deferred. Yes. So that that's where I'm at. I I feel like there's a reason that the chiefs are likely going to franchise deformed Ford in Justin Houston's on the tray book. I I agree. And obviously he makes big money. He's in the fifth year of his six year deal. He had record market setting contract when he signed it. He did. So if I'm I don't know what his trademark it is. I don't know if any teams he's not he's. He's worth a lot of money. He is a a lot of money. And I just don't know he's not an elite elite guy. So I don't know what you're gonna get for them. I don't know what you could get it from other. I would not trade for him at the price. He's at right now. So his cap it at this very moment. His base salary is fifteen point two five million dollars. So that's what you'd be the chiefs are on on the hook for the signing bonus. So you pay fifteen this year seventeen next year with very little of a guaranteed. So I guess that's somewhat palatable. I can understand that. If you get that for a second round pick. Would you do it? If you're the Browns or the chiefs, just really suppose trades to the Browns and the colts in the chief. But those are the teams that probably would be aggressive in this scenario. I probably wouldn't. I mean, that's John. If it's the Browns at John Dorsey thing how much John Dorsey love Justin, Houston, even though Scott. Bueller drafted officer. John Dorsey was there. I don't know. I mean that that's the Justin who's Yusen trademark. It is very interesting to me..

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