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Let's go to david david. Hey guys what is going on in handling camera there. Taking dusty rhodes magnum taking sam. Houston oh this is into the room. This is not pretty at all what happened to him. I'm not sure. I i think they're taking him into the dressing room now. What they're telling me in the truck pilot jalen i had to save. Houston they jumping the fan. You know who the andersons that's right. Oh an iron anderson around here lasted. They say they jumped him. Blasted owen arn anderson. Come out and then then man. The young man brought over america's team the property of them. They're the ones they wanted him. Sam houston beat arn anderson wherein square. And look what they did. They jumped him out here by sam. Houston this this young man. He's in there right now. I don't know what what's wrong with him or what's happened to him. right now. plays the anderson. couldn't stand arnesen. couldn't stand it. totally blanchard only anderson. An iron anderson goes guys got to be done about it. Sam houston we need to find. I'm we'll see. If i can find out what what happened to sam. Houston we're with him. Do.

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