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Do know that Burkhardt left town early the next morning as being put it his work. Here was finished. Benny and walked along the street along I felt sicker all over. Maybe Jason deserved it. But I hadn't planned to put him on that kind of a spot. I tried to push it out of my mind. An undercover agent Kenneth Ford feelings anymore than he can afford, friends or family and the one main objective was still safe. I was still on the job still communist or the FBI. I still walk alone. Dana Andrews with a word about the story. You've just heard in this story as an all others names dates and places are fictitious to protect innocent persons. Many of these stories are based on incidents in the life of mathematics who would undercover FBI next week another fantastic adventure. Join us won't you. And that's I was a communist for the FBI from April twentieth. Nineteen fifty two with a red red herring. Starring Dana Andrews also in that cast. Yeah. Cruzan Betty Lou Vierzon and Mary Lansing with Truman Bradley doing announced a syndicated broadcasts. Hope you enjoyed that. Stick around more of Hollywood three sixty after these words more Hollywood.

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