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He's kind of a whole package maybe for me. Also he's Jewish. We can celebrate Chabad. That's right and he's from New Zealand. That hobby accent take it is. Wow this is really. Like I love Oscar. Isaac so much this is this hurts but I feel pretty confident in our decision next a battle for the teenage girl. Inside of me Zach Daffron versus Timothy Salaman-. Oh this one's easy. Is it for me? It is are you going with Timothy? Yes he's another one where I'm like. It's hard to differentiate him as a person versus a him as a character in little women or call me by your name first of all fucked peach each. You still haven't even seen Commie by your name. Because you're a homophobe. No this really for you is like this is a competition between the stars of your favorite movies are your friends and little women absolutely and based on those two movies obviously going Timothy. Shell I want nothing to do with that confronts character. That's true there really has not been any redeemable Zach Ephron role. No it's gotta be Timothy. He's got it all it's hard. Yeah I think the one the one drag against him is that he strikes mistakes such film school student. Or I'm like Oh that's I do and you know that he just like only ever WanNa watch some criteria like he probably wouldn't watch. We are your friends. Yeah I do think that Catherine has become the type of hot where it's like. I would watch you ride a horse on like a beach at sunset by that is a little difficult to do right now. Yeah we'll say Timothy Timothy say all right two more matchups. Trevor Noah Versus Andrew Scott Aka Hot Priest Aka Andrew. Scott all yeah. He was also in Sherlock way before we before hot priest was I mean high priest priest. Trevor Noah as an individual. He has been filming like quarantine videos from his balcony. Which as we know now a strike against the one percent if he has a balcony in New York City. It's like okay. Deity and Andrew. Scott his fellow Homo. So I feel like I I need to need to stick with it here for the community and finally for our first round Donald Glover versus Hassan Manashe. Where are you falling right now? I'm curious I feel like Kasama. Nausea would be buy go-to gut reaction. Yeah I like Donald Glover a lot. I feel like Assan would be like he'd be able to like tell me what's happening on the news so that I wouldn't have to consume it myself in a way that wouldn't make me panic and I'd be able to make out with his face all the time. You have an amazing face. Yeah he has that balance of like Q. Versus hot but it's very hard to straddle any he straddles it very well and I'd straddle him I will say a shoutout to the weird falsetto voice that Donald Glover does as childish. Gambino red bone is like you know incredibly incredibly satisfying but Sorry to this man. It goes through a son round one round. Two eight mattress. Apps are question is who be the better hunter gatherer? This is who would be the one who's able to strap on their face masks and go to the grocery store and You trust them to come back with everything you need. And if need be in society fully crumbles WHO's GonNa be the one going out hunting for game potentially warding off zombies. This is the the physical round we ready ready. All right. We're we're back to Antony Henry cavill hoof obviously we'd be better at the grocery shopping aspect of it. I feel like he'd really got that on lockdown but then when it comes to like once grocery stores are wiped out and we're going to like the hunting element of it. Henry cavill obviously can use a bow. Arrow. This is Tau Fit. Is this where is on how important that slash between Hunter and gatherer is? Yeah 'cause I would trust Antony well okay. We're doing a lot of heavy lifting in entrusting that anti knows how to make food beyond. Guacamole.

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