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He certainly wouldn't have taken it. I mean I think he would have been able to get. I don't know three times that much money at least on the on the open market but yet he he's been asked about that in his whole thing is I love being with the twins they were. They helped me reached this level that I'm even talking about getting a huge contract and I'll do it again this year and then I'll hit the open market without the qualifying offer and get paid. Which is what you're supposed to say. Obviously but yeah I mean I think if the previous two off seasons they may just stand out like in the history of baseball as just complete outliers and so it's hard for me to blame a player or even his agent for kind of misreading that a little bit so tell us about the twins thinking behind the gradual for Mehta Exchange. Obviously there were a lot of questions. Gradual Red Sox decided. They didn't like him as much as they initially thought they did. The dodgers said okay. We'll take him. So how much did that reflect wanting to win now and getting a starter and thinking might it could handle that role. And how much did it reflects uncertainty or concerned about gradual. I think once the twins and it was such weird timing because like there was twins fest which everybody's in town all the reporters are in town and they announced basically during that that he was going to be in the bullpen. To begin the year probably in the major league bullpen which is a change from there have been a lot of assumptions that okay he pitched well in the bullpen in September but he'll go back to AAA to continue working as a starter so they say basically no he's going to be reliever. We think that's where he's best and then a week after that the trade happens which is such odd time into me so I think it's they definitely had a huge amount of skepticism about his ability to not only hold up physically with the starters workload but also just his secondary stuff beyond the fastball slider working long-term as a starter I think they believe he could be a good starter but I don't know that they thought he could be a great starter or at least a great starter for one hundred eighty innings a year year after year and so once they viewed him as a reliever They've had so much success you named a few of them earlier converting former starters or scrap. You'd guys too late inning. Relievers that I feel like even if view him as a tremendously promising reliever prospect which I think is fair to view them as they thought will we can trade him for a playoff caliber starter. Right now and then. The other thing is made a I think is probably underrated looking at his Raw totals in l. a. But beyond that four years of team control with a guarantee of three dollars a year plus bonuses for a team like the twins was huge. They basically could get a number two or number three starter for. I don't know sixty million less than they would have had to pay over the course of four years. And so I think that plays into it too all right so we always wrap up with the projection. And you've already said that this might be the most talented twins team to start a season. Which doesn't necessarily mean that the win more games than any previous twins team but having wins do you foresee. Has Anybody all the years. You guys have done. This predicted more than one hundred and one wins for any team going into the season. Lindsay Adler last year with the Yankees. And she was right. Yeah she was right all right. Well I'm not going to do that because I'm not brave enough to do that. She's part of their me. I'M GONNA say they will win ninety seven games and they will relatively easily win the division title and perhaps most importantly they will void playing the Yankees in the first round of the playoffs. That's crucial and will the effectively. Wild singularity occur will rich chill at some point. This season throw to Williams has to deal by the way richhill. Yeah for somebody who is pretending to be a beat reporter for a while me amazing. I went up to him and I hear you know whether it's basically anybody who talks to them talks about. How amazing is so? I was a little bit cautious but he was like. Yeah what do you WanNa talk about being talked about anything and just the calmest sort of Dad vibe energy that I've ever seen and so now I'm I'm hoping he makes it back healthy just because I think he can really help the twins but also I want him hanging around? The team in the club hosts so that I can just sort of use him as my my cop-out Interview at all times. Yes right well as the was on your most recent projection with Dan. Hayes of the twins opening day roster rate. It seems like if anyone would benefit from the twenty-sixth roster spot it might be sto. And I don't know whether he'll catch enough and hill will pitch enough for the two to overlap as a battery but I hope that happens at some point. If that happens you guys have to have me back on the. We can just discuss the whole thing as well. There's another effectively wild twins connection which is that I don't know if ben is mentioned on the podcasts elsewhere but Takashi me Osi who was the stompers second-half manager is now the manager of the Gulf Coast League twins. So Yoshi is very famously among a very small part of the world. Famously Dreams of being the first japanese-born Major League manager. He is completely confident that he is going to get there. And this is his first managing job. He had been a coach in the system. And now it's going to be a manager. So can we get your prediction for winds for the Gulf Coast League twins? I mean clearly. Though win the title they win in that but I think going back to what we talked about the beginning I would say he's got decent odds of being on like a Major League. Coaching staff within the next two years given the the promotions that all the coaching hires have gotten from the twins. So I mean I would continue to hitch your wagon to him because I I think he'll probably be like a manager in the National League or something within two years that'd be very exciting especially given the hurdle he had to overcome of being a miniature for us so. I didn't mean to ask another question but that just made me think because we were talking about all these very visible player development successes at the major league level and I don't pay as close attention to the minor league level but has that been mirrored at that level has that ability to get more out of players at the highest level also filtered down to low levels or is it too soon to tell. I mean I think so although ultimately the fact that like they've got a guy at Aa who's performing above expectations doesn't mean anything until he actually makes it to the major so it's tough to say but I mean they've definitely had a series of non first round draft picks and even some some trade pickups that they got were at the time they were viewed as like a C. Plus prospect who now are projected to be kind of major league regulars. And so yeah. I think it's it's weird to talk about like a system being promising of one hundred and one win team but I think that combination is a part of why even someone who tends to downplay. These things is willing to say like it's best time to be a twins fan certainly in my lifetime all right you can find Aaron on twitter at Aaron gleaming. You can read him at the athletic where he will be bringing you tidbits from the twins clubhouse in his new role as part-time beat writer. And you can of course hear him on the radio if you get cafe n and also on the podcast gleaming and Geek. Thank you as always thank you guys anytime all right. We'll take a quick break and.

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