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Complaints of soaring in June, up 270% from the same time in 2019. Airlines for their part need to make sure they're prepared to service the tickets that they're selling. We transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg isn't ruling out new regulations. How do you feel about going into the Labor Day weekend? I do think the steps that have been taken so far are going to be helpful going into Labor Day. But I also do not believe that the system is where it needs to be. That CVS is Chris van cleve reporting. Tennis icon has lost what may have been her final match, but Serena Williams definitely a remarkable career there. The curtain has finally come down on the extraordinary career of the most dominant player in women's tennis at the age of 40 Serena Williams bowing out in the third round of the U.S. open this week has been really great, you know, just so much support so much love fittingly though she fought right to the end not giving up for one minute of the three hour and 5 minute three set battle 29 year old Australian ela Tom Lenovo finally closed out the nail biting win 7 5 6 7 6 one securing it on her 6th match point as Williams refused to concede. She leaves the game with 23 Grand Slam titles and Graham agar's. CBS News correspondent Jim Crow reporting on the community coming together in Jackson, Mississippi, a city facing a major water crisis. I'm Jim Jackson, Mississippi, coming together. That's what people are doing in the city of a 180,000 that has been without running water for nearly a week. Our neighbors are in need, so we're here in Jackson, Mississippi, and we're making sure that they have water so they can drink. Bill schaefer is a major with the Salvation army, which has been partnering with several companies and other organizations to distribute bottled water. Jim Crow CBS News Jackson, Mississippi. It's 1236. When people have a craving to explore new and traditional Asian cuisines, they head to PF Chang's, where scratch made dishes come from the 2000 year old tradition of wa cooking. PF Chang's wanted

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