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New documentary for some a captures the day to day lives and determination of those who fought for their freedom the film framed as a letter to their daughter won the award for best documentary at the Cannes Film Festival and premieres in New York on Sunday afternoon at the I FC as part of fifty one fast fifty one fifth of the Film Festival for films about and by women its founder Tina brown will join us next hour but now here speak with us are wild Hines and Edward thank you so much for being here thank you for having us so why did you frame this as a love letter to your daughter how tall is something we I was always wanted to do for like everything I've tried to do was for hair and indirect way or indirect Tory so the firm laws with the help with Edward we were discussing with the best way to speak about the fan and how with the frame would be about the friend and we had that idea bought to telling that to Selma which has like a duty was a domestically bike the footage can tell you is that I want to be for some I want to speak with some added just because my life was as old mother and as a journalist at same time and everything I captures lost makes between they still lifes the mother and journalist and was the only way to be very honest and very sensitive about what I was what I went through and what man comes a thick discussions about hums a you you both were struggling in the film with whether to stay we are actually struggle you're pretty clear you're pretty clear that you're staying but you do bring up and you do address the feelings of would be safer for our daughter elsewhere what kind of conversations did you have off camera about them parents yeah it's the it was very easy is it like first like Vitti ad hard to take that it was immediately we took that decision but the conversation about that about thinking like what's best for our daughter because we had the option not tool bring her back with a start up had the option to leave her with my parents in Turkey but we thought that the siege yeah we had an a a aloha for example was seized for five years so we thought like are you really going to be away from our daughter for five years what a life to be or what are we going to we might be killed and is is it better for her to grow up as an orphan with her grandfather and grandmother but that that family over then we took the decision we would we one family or no different than any other family that are in east LA ball we live together or die together and that's it when you went back and looked at the film what do you after watching the whole film how do you view your decision it's still very complicated until now anti count really how vast the Lexington think about what we went through the man thinks about this that's what we've went to so is that happening now so you can't really separate yourself about okay this is a story and it's and and now I should have that's feedback about what's going on it's more about we should just try to use this for now as a and evidence on trying to tell the world what's what was going on and what's going on right now as we speaking and another place called and left the last very out of a subdivision so it's not about you know like I'm just training it's the didn't finish it's it's still we are at the same busy and difficult moment about take this shins even if it's not me at times and all but there's thousands and like like I don't know how many from is with a lot of families who have the same discussion now and they have literally no place to go where or there is no they don't have that's of opportunity to to have a discussion and we're tell me how you can involve the process so any met these two after they left the left by I'm because which wasn't that long ago right now it's not like three years three years from now yeah and and we met actually very quickly off to the left and no one realized that what it got that this incredible archive of old ideas in the city it was only after they left and she literally brought these back to war Scott hard drives with that to our colleagues in London and they realize she had this incredible all kinds to know and expand the conflict and everything that happened that it'll save their family store in the story of summer and sighed I think because it was so you brought to her still at that time and because people need to I was very passionate about Syria and I always wanted to tell a story about people like what in the hands of the middle class people eat them fighting for their freedom inside I think we will match made basically we have put together to work on it together there was a lot of footage there was a lot a lot of fish three hundred to five hundred hours yeah I have a five hundred I think I you know you're right as Stephanie I have a five hundred I mean she was filming all sorts of things I have a five years from the sublime to the horrific and site yet just the beginning of the process was just trying to Wade through and get a handle on this Voss archive which in itself took months and because she done such an amazing job what what was something in the footage that you mean you had to be in this goes in out of all those hours this has to be in this film there's also things which I thought that's been than we did and what you had more the decision about taking some things out was very very difficult to me it's more about you know I feel just these stories are very important every detail and every story and everyone not just like the other family Arafat Saddam and the kids on the just my from you but there's thousands of stories which I I think not just me with a manual and went on a everyone who works in the team of from or excuse reducers anyone who was involved in some part they have a preferred to footage they wanted to be but yeah at the end we couldn't make everything gets ninety five minutes so far and we can put anything more but I think we can make was there something Edward you had to be in there was a quite a few things I think I mean one of the things that always struck me was with old Hara based in the trauma that these guys have been through the thing that would bring the emotion most of the surface was the moment when they were forced to leave which was quite a surprise to me and I think to a westerner in general you think well you know at least you're getting out of this nightmare but it was such a visceral for both of them that that really hit me and and just explore not try to understand why that was the sort of point of maximum pain I guess yeah that's was one thing but there were many other examples we're talking about the documentary for sama the filmmakers wiped a tear and her husband actor home Hamza achieved and Edward watch so I would play a little clip because part of the film also is about your work yeah I'm sorry about your work as a doctor in about the last I can't even remember the news report about the last and in hospital and Aleppo let's take up a little bit of a listen to a clip from the film and we'll talk about it on the other side.

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