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Lament which is full of men and you are the prime minister and dead shooting at you and you will need your body members to see it from those fellowparliamentarians and you'd the reminisced a and you know that you can be physically harmed in the bottom it's a huge christ that she was bayne somebody's sitting in britain doesn't i don't think in the best people understand the kind of environment that that is going to ask your mahrum you're journalists who found a career and you're working how much of your life to their do you attribute to benazir bhutto being a role model of sorts i wouldn't say that cheese all present and all of his there because in my could you she's been gone for quite some time and gradually she's been sanitized and she is model fas santer did than she is a woman but on a glistening level i have all of his looked baggins seen how and red help bulk annual understood that it is something exceptional affordable men in bug is on to take the bedroom forward from assad the and nor do comfortably transition into a mattered life that gives you that that gives your the support that you need and life a friend a follow on twitter row today that pakistan still has not recovered since of the assassination of benazir bhutto do you agree with that and what has bhutto's killing left unresolved for you ten years later personally i what i would have gone did as a young woman to be living in a gun jv the woman graham and his daughter i had never seen that i was a little bit busy wasn't far and you know that two of the men who was a guest the.

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