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Then a month we paid back. I was like, okay. You can't understand the deal that porter and Tony Bosch made for four thousand dollars. It's probably because the deal doesn't make any sense. You know, we've made a lot of sports documentaries and something like the u or the you park too. It's a pretty straightforward borderline paint-by-numbers exercise, not to belittle the. Angst of of making documentary. But the interview players interview coaches, they talk about games, and you show footage from those games. The thing screwball is not about sports. It's certainly sports Jason. But they might mention over the hour and forty minutes of the movie, they mentioned three different baseball games. There's one game against Kansas City after Tony Bosch starts treating a rod when he hits three home runs in that one game. I asked him how he felt he says, you know, I feel like I'm eighteen again. I don't know what fuel you put in there. But whatever it is just keep on putting it that's seconds out of the whole thing. So we realized we all of this story takes place in nightclubs and locker rooms and hotels, and in these shady clinics, and so there's no footage of that. And then listening to the way Tony Bosch told a story and Puerto Fisher told the story who are our two primary narrators I said old they're so vivid in the moment when they tell the story, they do it. For example, I walked into his office. And I said I want my money. So what I'll have him. Tony. This isn't a game. I want my money back your way behind I want my money. I'm Dr twenty mosh. What are you going to do about it? Both of them spoke like in dialogue. So take me to the moment. When you have the idea to use actors to help you tell this story. I mean where were you and? What made you think of that drunk? I was drunk obviously, say, oh, well, we could drunk history. This okay, we need to pause here for a second to explain drunk history. It started out on YouTube..

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