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Do. Do you see game stop business uptick, when his new and new shirts available and myself? He's. A little a little a little bump. But maybe not enough to save the business. But I know it wouldn't be enough to save the business. But I think it will give that will be their next last-gasp right of a way of, like have it shot. I bet win Pibor going in the stores to buy, PlayStation fives and by XBox twos. That's one I think you're gonna see the shares go back up and you could do it, but it's the question because I do enjoy going to game, stop one of those places refill. This is my place is that this is a shop that sells all the I like video games like you and I miss it used to be like the old days where we I remember before. I know that game is chain. But when it was fun, co land. I would go in on lunch breaks at WalMart. Or when I was whatever my friends and just talk about video game right clerk in just for hours. Bookstore, owner playing something challenge you to play in, you know, w w envio revenge and sixty four like it was a Kuwaiti talking exchange in the same way comic book shops, our now. Right. I've had good experiences in games generally, I find that the people that work behind the counter game stop a pretty knowledgeable, and they're into games, and they'll just to, to get a paycheck to, but they generally people that really like games, you can answer your questions. If you try doing that target a WalMart shit about the game, some of them do some of the guys that will let the game section at best buy, oh, you get this one. The problem of I know games. I don't know TV's games. Sound bars? I don't know that it's because again, you can always hang out in the game section at target what it's not the same like walking into a game spot. Sorry, game stop kind of felt like one of those things that you did as as video. I'm I'm already talking about it in the past tense. I one of these you did again. This is my place, these people when that inevitably goes away, as I'm suggesting it will won't left. Wade he internet you go on the internet for I want go. Place live events. You know what I mean? It was those. Yeah. No, it's super satisfied, because, you know, when we broke out on our own, we started hosting stuff at the game, stop managers conference. I've done one of those hanging out with them in learning. What how they do that? And they file the managers from all over the country to one place to teach them about games. And then talking the managers themselves like I left a place like man game. Sub gets bad rap and a lot of respects like, don't get me wrong. They're a corporation. They're trying to get money us games all that jazz. But in terms of the employee's working there. They all really fucking care. They're all really about this in the in the company's good to them. It seems for the most part of the laws. Yes, that we'll see what happens number six, and finally, on this fifty three minute rope report happ, what's a sad, happy borderlands three. There's a borderlands three weapon that's getting dedicated to a terminal cancer patient. This is Charlie hall over at polygon the team, making borderlands three the next game in the much loved first-person shooter franchise took time out of its busy schedule. The honor eight very special fan. Trevor Eastman is a twenty six year old borderlands fan..

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