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Everything substrate now I know you feel awful. What's going on? It's GONNA be alright. It's just trying to figure out how to get comfortable with with where I am and often times times when I feel like there's a lack of confidence in the situation. It's because there's something that I just haven't teased apart enough. Don't judge don't judge your inside by looking comparing comparing yourself to other people's outsides. Just know that it's normal second of all whatever it is that you're scared of that's something into pay attention to and just trying to tease apart wire you afraid and fear is a super normal emotion. It's the thing that comes from our Lizard Brain. Hello and welcome to the passion people podcast but also very wonderful new era two thousand twenty. Thank you for all the support that you've given the patient people cast over the last year and I look forward to your continued support this year as we launch another brand new podcast and take the bashing people podcast to the next level. It's two thousand twenty and this is season two episode Wendy the bashing people podcast thus chronicles stories of people who follow their passion and make it manifest intangible ways so you can.

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