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Want to see the way people should see it so about sixty forty as the split about sixty percent. She gets in the car about forty percents. Says she doesn't anybody ever actually tried to nail bruce down and he told them to well so in life. My thought is someone had told me. If you ever had bruce's a guest you would. You'd have to quit asking the question. And i thought back. Isaac asimov was a is a science fiction writer that on one of the and and as a kid you know as a high school kid i loved his is novels his short stories. I just a truly one of my favorite writers growing up and i remember in his autobiography. And i've told the story one hundred times on the podcast but He was doing a lecture and He gets to a story and he explains what the stories about at a guy in the audience says dr asimov. That's not with the stories about and is it says i wrote the story makes i. Of course i know what it's about and his his audience member said just because you wrote the story. What makes you think you know what it's about. And isaac in his autobiography said. I thought for a minute and i say you're absolutely right. The story is what you my reader. Thinks it's about and so my point is it. Yes it would be interesting to hear if bruce thanks. Mary gets in the car. The reality is that is not the only answer. No it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because everybody is entitled to their own opinion and their own point of view like another famous fictional character. It's all on your point of view right. Yeah exactly but but that that i love that abby. You can't say the word. Jesse amdi ambiguity. Yes really my god. I'm not enough coffee today. Yeah thank you it. That's what it is it. It a song a poem a piece of literature is supposed to mean something to you but it could mean something different at different moments in time. Yes that's the beauty of it. And and i think in the car man. She gets in the car. She kicks him out and takes off with the car. Exactly right there is What a what is there a a song pick any song you know is going to mean something different to you today than it did when you were sixteen.

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