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Jeff stocks are rallying after one of the worst Decembers on record today. The Dow was up four hundred eighty points in climbing. That's two point two percent. The NASDAQ is up one hundred ninety s and p's up. Fifty four investors seemed to be welcoming Kevin Hassett assurance that fed chair drone. Powell's job is safe. Has it chairs the White House? Council of economic advisers on Friday, Bloomberg reported that President Trump was asking about firing Powell the Massachusetts minimum wage goes up to twelve bucks an hour January first Nasr, we know it's supposed to go up to fifteen and twenty twenty three. But the Boston Globe reports some employers are not waiting. They're paying fifteen dollars an hour. Now, the idea is to beat the competition to attract and retain workers in this very tight labor market. I'm Martin to Carrow. Bloomberg business on WBZ NewsRadio twelve thirty nine nothing. But sunshine in Boston little chilly, though. Thirty three degrees. We'll take it. Get rich quick in time for the new year WBZ's. Ben Parker says it's been a couple of months since a winner has been declared and either mega millions or Powerball. Jackpots are only getting bigger with no winner in mega millions since the one point five billion dollar prize was hit October twenty third. Friday's growing is estimated at three hundred and forty eight million dollars. Tonight's Powerball is almost three hundred million. It was lasted in October. Kristen teachers spokesman for the mass lottery. I asked him. What impact it might be on sales went to jackpots are climbing together a little bit difficult to gauge? But we did look last time that one point five billion last time for mega millions. It didn't have the same sales that we saw from the one point six billion dollar Powerball drawing from two years prior to that. So it's kind of unclear whether it's just because they're already been a billion jackpot a couple of years ago, or the fact that there was a high Powerball jackpot alongside. Always the lottery remind you to play responsibly. Ben Parker WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty. We'll despite concerns that father time may be catching up finally to Tom Brady. The patriots quarterback says he plans on playing next year. Brady tells Westwood one's Jim gray that he has goals for two thousand nineteen and beyond and that he will continue to give it all. He's got. Now. Remember Brady's forty one right now. He has previously said he plans to play into his mid forties. And he also says as long as he plays. He wants to do. So at a championship level age. You get one of them Amazon echoes under the tree this year. Will if you did and you want to get all the news, weather, traffic, and sports all you have to do is say, hey, Alexa, play WBZ NewsRadio on iheartradio. See that. Pretty simple twelve forty one. Now, here's something you don't see every day a harbor seal in the Merrimack river WBZ's Carl Stevens with more from the sighting in Hazel. It's not unusual for harbor seals to hang out at the mouth of. Merrimack river. But what's a harbor seal do in in April is probably about twelve or thirteen miles by water Merrimack, Tony Lukasz with the New England aquarium tells WBZ it's pretty rare to see a harbor seal that far in on the Merrimack river, but the seal might be looking to expand his culinary menu a little bit. There are many fewer fish along the coast, and so taking a little foray upriver and finding a good Christmas meal is probably good strategy on his part Carl Stevens.

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