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Go ahead glasses last Thursday guy. The guy with the glasses you know we don't have to go with how nerdy. Oh Wow but if someone just sees me. They'RE NOT GONNA. They're not gonNA know all my whatever amy. Here's Today's show. Thank you guys for hanging out by the way mark the Eddie pails off the list. We just had a good discussion about that. And we're over on and got the two things on. I didn't think we'd get on one. The is dream dream to the painting his nails. And if you got like a thousand tweets saying they want to hear the we'll do it otherwise we're probably not going to okay. Do you Bones do you still want to hear it. Oh you know what I'm GonNa try to have that developed as a full movie as a Netflix Series. Based on your dream all right. Here's Today's show. Thank you guys. Support for the Bobby Bones. Show comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by quicken loans home. Today is so much more than it was yesterday but rocket mortgage home is still all about you during these challenging times. We're all experiencing the top priority at rocket mortgage is the health and safety of the communities. They served and while things are changing quickly every day. One thing that will never change is their teams commitment to giving you the best mortgage experience possible. That's why if any mortgage support to move. Experts are there to answer questions and offer solutions. They understand the hardships. Happened in here to help whether that means working with you to save money on your mortgage or finding a new way to navigate payments if you have questions. The team at rocket mortgage has answers. They know how important your home is to you because you are important to them if you need mortgage assistance. The hormone experts at rocket mortgage are available twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Visit rocket mortgage dot com slash bones. Learn more call for cost information conditions equal housing lender licensed in all fifty states in MLS consumer access dot. Org Number thirty thirty.

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